How to Use Clemency in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does clemency mean? It means to forgive someone without any kind of punishment for the deed he or she has done.

Noun: -overclemency

Sentence Examples: –

  • The killer tried to plead for clemency, but due to the nature of the crime, the judge did not take that into account, and sentenced the person to execution.
  • It is to the letter that had been sent to the President that the human rights commission tried to plead the case of clemency for the killers of a young boy in Singapore.
  • Multiple letters asking for clemency from the judge went unheard; all that was left to do was to count the time till execution.
  • It was clear that there would be no pardon or clemency; so the jailor went about his rounds, trying to make the prisoner get his last days of life to be as fruitful as possible.
  • Look at the bright side, all you have got to do is to show remorse for your actions and you would be granted clemency, mention my brother about the crimes that I have committed.

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