How to use Colossal in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Colossal in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Colossal and Colossally.

Colossal Definition and Meaning with Examples

Colossal (adjective) means massive, large or vast. Although it literally refers to the columns used in a structure or building, it is more commonly used to describe a person, situation or action suggestive of hugeness or enormity.

Colossal adds much intensity to an ordinary word such as big or huge. It refers to a scale and size which evokes awe and wonder.

Add eloquence to your sentences by using colossal in place of common words like oversized or giant.

In conversation, the word colossal can add the effect of exaggeration to a sentence by evoking a sense of something or someone being larger than life.

Colossal: Other Grammatical Forms

Colossally (adverb)

Colossus (noun)

Colossal in a Sentence Examples

1) The battle went on for about twenty years because of which the damage turned out to be absolutely colossal.

2) The death of Nelson Mandela is a colossal loss not just to South Africa, but to the whole world.

3) Now that she has lost it, I realize that I should have never lent my iPad to her. It was a colossal mistake.

4) It may be acceptable to unintentionally repeat silly mistakes. But you can’t repeat colossal mistakes every time.

5) Obese women shouldn’t wear maxis. It makes them look even more colossal.

6) The Great Financial Depression of 2009 brought colossal losses to many companies.

7) The teacher refused to hear my pleas. She said that my colossal mistakes could no longer be tolerated.

8) The building was impressive not because it was colossal, but because it was extraordinarily beautiful.

9) Our solar system is so colossal that generations of scientists and astronomers haven’t been able to discover it completely.

10) The Rockies mountain range in Canada is colossal. You would probably need a few days worth of time to see all of it.

11) The man had colossal heaps of wealth, but no happiness. What is the point of such wealth?

12) You have taken up a colossal challenge by deciding to go to Antarctica during winter time.

13) Mother Teresa’s kindness and generosity are colossal evidences to support that fact that good people will continue to take birth in this world, no matter what.

14) Do you know why it has taken the industrialist so much money to set this factory up? That is because it has ten colossal pieces of machinery.

15) In her nightmare, she imagined that she was a dwarf fighting against a colossal monkey headed monster.

Colossally in a Sentence Examples

1) She has inspired me colossally in taking the decision to become a writer. Without her, I would have never even thought about it.

2) My mother gifted me a pair of shoes for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, they were colossally ill-fitting.

3) I should have taken her advice right from the start. She was colossally right about the events that unfolded in my life.

4) If my father thinks that I said those things to deliberately hurt him, he is deluded and colossally wrong.

5) I was perplexed about the situation, but I was sure about one thing – something was colossally creepy.

6) Do you know why he is colossally comfortable at his grandmother’s place? That is because she pampers him silly.

7) She was colossally confused. How could she have chosen between her ailing mother and severely injured boyfriend?

8) Climbing all the way to the mountain summit without an oxygen mask is a colossally impossible task.

9) No one knows anything about this ancient city except for the fact that it was colossally plundered by its conquerors.

10) Their hard work and determination brought the colossally impossible task to fruition.

11) Her work has been colossally significant and influential in the history of American literature.

12) He is colossally upset with his girlfriend because he caught her flirting with another guy at the party.

13) Milk and chocolate cookies will definitely make my angry son colossally happy.

14) Even though the building was so spacious, the lack of inhabitants made it seem colossally empty.

15) The politicians of that nation are so colossally corrupt that they will squeeze their people of the penny if given the chance.

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