Fruition: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Fruition in a sentence: Sentence examples of Fruition.

Fruition Definition and Meaning with Examples

Fruition (noun) means realization or culmination. It refers to the completion or attainment of something.

In the literal sense, it refers to the bearing of fruit. Figuratively, the word fruition can be used to describe the ripeness or maturity of ideas, plans, actions or thoughts.

To come to fruition or to find fruition is the way in which the word is commonly used in a sentence.

If a scientist manages to make a discovery after having worked for it from more than a decade, his dedication is said to have come to fruition.

Fruition: Other Grammatical Forms


Fruition: Sentence Examples

1) Nothing happened overnight. They persevered and worked hard to bring their ambitions to fruition.

2) Your plans may not find fruition if you don’t get yourself a mentor who will help you execute them properly.

3) She wants her daughter’s dreams to find fruition someday.

4) His son’s plans finally came to fruition as he convinced his dad to take him out for a movie on a weeknight.

5) If he has decided to do something, he will go to any lengths to bring it to fruition.

6) The viticulturist hopes for a ripe fruition this year.

7) Don’t be disappointed for getting rejected. Everything in life takes time. Your dreams will find fruition one day.

8) This agency is all about making things happen. We will do anything to bring brilliant ideas to fruition.

9) Half-hearted efforts will not be tolerated. If you want to be a part of this, go all the way and bring the concept to its full fruition.

10) She refused to work in an atmosphere which was not congenial. She wanted a place which inspired her to bring her ideas to fruition.

11) Days passed, followed by months. They stuck it out and brought the impossible to fruition.

12) Next Sunday will see the fruition of all our hard work.

13) There are some things in life that take a long time to come to fruition. Finding the perfect soulmate is one example.

14) After all this hard work and sweat, we’d better be approaching fruition of our ambitions soon.

15) If you keep arguing with your colleagues all the time, this project is never going to reach any fruition.

16) Things haven’t come to fruition as quickly as expected, but we are not going to lose hope so easily.

17) Watching this project go from the initial stages of visualization to its full fruition has been the precious achievement ever.

18) We are not going to let their pernicious plots and conspiracies come to fruition.

19) Many efforts are being made to bring their goals to fruition. Every resource is being used in an optimum way.

20) If their ideas are brought to fruition, this invention will change the course of mankind forever.

21) A lot of compromise, commitment and dedication will be needed from your side to bring these grand initiatives to fruition.

22) The way things have come to fruition so quickly almost seems serendipitous.

23) We are happy to see all of our daughter’s endeavors to come to fruition so perfectly. She truly deserves her success.

24) They are doing everything possible to make sure that this investment finds fruition.

25) Even after being rejected repeatedly, they didn’t accept defeat. Kudos to the team for bringing their plans to fruition.

26) Even the most whimsical of ideas can be brought to fruition if they are executed well.

27) Everyone has the ability to dream. But few have the ability to make their dreams find fruition.

28) Your noble intentions of raising charity will not be brought to immediate fruition if you don’t seek help from big corporate organizations.

29) She wants to bring all her goals to fruition before she turns thirty. For the kind of goals she has, that’s pretty ambitious.

30) Everything was finally falling in place and coming to fruition in my life, but then the unthinkable happened – my mother passed away.

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