Futile in a Sentence

What does futile mean? It means somebody that is incapable of delivering as well as producing any kind of result.

Noun: -futileness

Adjective: -nonfutile

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is a futile attempt by the dog to keep on trying to turn on his way out of the wooden fence, as it had only been cemented a day before.
  • A futile effort the losing team to catch up was all that the audience needed to see.
  • In a game, if you’re unable to take the lead, it would be a futile attempt for you to try and recover the position before the game is over.
  • Always try and realize that any attempt that you take in order to get your cousin to take the job futile.
  • It was futile for the captain of the ship to try and salvage something of his crew.
  • Do not try and make futile attempts at your life, it is only going to endanger your life in a worse manner than it already is at the given moment.

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