How to Use Congenial in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does congenial mean? It means somebody that is pleasing in nature as well as in character.

Noun: -congenialness

Adjective: -precongenial

Sentence Examples: –

  • Barry is a congenial person, and upon visiting his house, you would find yourself feeling extremely comfortable and welcome in his presence.
  • Just because Jenny happens to be a person that is not congenial, she rarely tries and accepts any kind of dinner invitations or any form of outdoor activities.
  • It is the congenial nature of a person that ensures that you would have a wonderful time in their presence without having to feel awkward at any moment whatsoever.
  • Although the DMV happens to be overworked, there is still the congenial presence of people that makes for a wonderful place to work at.
  • Even when jack ends up drinking a lot, he does not lose that congenial personality which he has; it is more or less a natural born trait that he has carried around for a long time.
  • My uncle happens to be a congenial man; he has the God gifted ability to turn any person into his friend.

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