How to Use Credulous in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does credulous mean? It means a person that is more than willing to believe anybody very easily without having to think about any sufficient evidence in relation to it.

Noun: -credulousness

Adjective: -noncredulous

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you happen to have credulous stance when you go for purchasing anything, every salesman can make a mockery out of you.
  • Always try and ensure that people do not understand about your credulous behavior, it only makes them more susceptible to con you, and leave you hanging in the balance.
  • It is only due to the credulous people that salesman have been able to meet their targets on a monthly basis.
  • The jury is not at all credulous when it comes to understanding the true nature of the case; they have definitely taken it in their stride and put a lot of effort into understanding it.
  • When we were younger, my sister was incredibly credulous; this has led to her believing each and everything that was uttered from my mouth and it has led to a lot of problems in the past.

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