How to Use Deride in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does deride mean? It means to laugh at or mock something.

Noun: -derider

Adjective: -underided

Sentence Examples:

  • Upon watching the latest Bollywood movie, the critic took every opportunity to try and deride the actor that went on to make such a movie. Even the producers were not spared.
  • As a parent, you must try and not deride your children by making them feel very bad about the choices that they make. You must encourage them so that they would learn about life on their own.
  • The typical mentality of a bully is to try and deride any person that they feel to be superior to them; this is mainly done to think of themselves as the alpha person in that particular institution.
  • The job of the senior players of the team was trying to deride the junior players, so much so that he would feel comfortable in their presence.
  • Just so that people will be able to deride the police, an initiative had been taken out in the social media platform to that effect.

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