How to Use Desecrate in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does desecrate  mean?: -mistreat a place or a thing of respect

Noun: -desecrator, desecrater

Adjective: -undesecrated

Sentence Examples: –

  • in order to maintain a religious harmonic, it is very important for you to promote desecrate any religious body in places that seems to be sensitive towards religious matters.
  • If you’re looking to party at an authentic place, do not do so in front of religious establishments. You will not only desecrate the location, but create unrest amongst the people that follow the religion.
  • It is common for teenagers to desecrate the cemetery by drinking and partying till the late nights.
  • If you plan on inciting religious violence, then you have to remember that there are people more than willing to desecrate your religious followings as well.
  • Invading soldiers during the war always prefer to desecrate the religious establishments, so as to create a very low morale amongst the people of that particular region.
  • If you plan to desecrate the holy book of any religion, you should be thinking about your time behind the jail, as that is the obvious conclusion.

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