How to Use Diatribe in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does diatribe mean? It means to attack someone with sharp criticism.

Sentence Examples: –

  • When parents came to know that the money collected from them were to be used for the personal expenses of the principal, everybody launched into a diatribe against the management of the institution. This led to the sacking of the principal.
  • Terribly upset about how the events of the company unfolded, the manager let loose the diatribe about the inefficiency of the company and its staff.
  • It is only natural for mixed martial arts fighters to launch into a diatribe about their opponents so as to mentally weaken them.
  • As part of the local police force, I have often come across people giving me a lengthy diatribe on how we happen to be terrible and inefficient in our jobs.
  • Although the Mayor went into launching the diatribe at the incapable people in his management, it was to be noted that he was the head of that management and control everything. So what he was doing was essentially amusing himself and his position.

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