Didactic in a Sentence

What does didactic mean? It means to treat somebody a moral lesson that would be influential in his life.

Noun: -didacticism

Adjective: -nondidactically

Sentence Examples: –

  • The lessons of the professor were such that it was didactic; one could only get to indulge in those lessons if they had an inclination to study and make something of themselves.
  • Although this movie happens to be a fictional one, it did look didactic and served a purpose to ensure that you would be into some kind of thought-provoking aspect of your life.
  • The songs were quite didactic when it comes to the lyrical content, although one could not guarantee about the education of the single, there was a certain amount of mysticism associated with the lyrics.
  • Fictional books are in all manners possible something that is didactic, so that you would be able to gather all your information and bring about a good understanding of that book without any kind of issues of problems.
  • Your life can be didactic in itself if you think of it in that manner.

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