How to Use Dilemma in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Dilemma in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Dilemma.

Dilemma Definition and Meaning with Examples

Dilemma (noun) means difficulty or problem. It refers to the situation of having two or more options that are equally worse.

It can also be used to describe a quandary or predicament which is confusing.

Dilemmas cause bewilderment because they seemingly have no satisfying solution.

A dilemma can be something as simple as choosing between two equally delicious desserts or something as complex as not knowing where to invest a million dollars.

Dilemma: Other Grammatical Forms


Dilemma in a Sentence Examples

1) She hates going to parties but she is very curious to find out what people do there. She’s in a teenage dilemma.

2) Life is bound to be full of many dilemmas. You have to learn to find your way through it.

3) She strategizes astutely and comes out of every dilemma that life throws at her.

4) The cost of traveling by air and road turned out to be the same. They were in a dilemma about which mode they should have picked.

5) The film’s story revolves around the woman’s dilemma to fend for herself or send her child to school.

6) You think you are the only one who has problems. Don’t forget that there are other people in this world who have to face much bigger dilemmas.

7) My daughter thinks that college selection is the biggest dilemma that life can ever throw at her. Little does she know that she is in for a big surprise.

8) Whenever we are in a financial dilemma, we seek his advice because he is very astute with money.

9) Whenever you feel that you are in an ethical dilemma, just listen to your heart and do what you think is right.

10) They are on the horns of a dilemma and have no idea of how to deal with these unforgiving circumstances.

11) After coming to know that her boyfriend was secretly dating another girl, she was in a dilemma whether to be in a relationship with him or not.

12) This is the dilemma that many women have after childbirth – should they resume their careers or look after their children?

13) He was in an emotional dilemma. He had a limited amount of money and couldn’t figure out which one of his kids he should send to college.

14) Whenever life presents you with a plethora of choices, there is bound to be dilemma.

15) She doesn’t want to take much risk but she still wants high return – now that’s a real dilemma.

16) After the earthquake, we were in a dilemma about stepping inside the house. We thought it would be better to be in an open space.

17) You must get rid of all your self-created dilemmas before you can make sound financial decisions.

18) He didn’t trust her anymore but he still had feelings for her. This dilemma meant that he couldn’t decide whether to continue seeing her or just break up.

19) There was absolutely no dilemma. Each and every member voted in favor of the decision.

20) I feel bad for putting him in such a dilemma but he must make a choice whether he wants to continue languishing in the same job or pursue the opportunity that I suggested.

21) The company revamped its operating procedures to avoid any dilemma in the future.

22) She was in a big dilemma. She didn’t know whether she should’ve replied to her ex on Facebook or not.

23) Being a shrewd businessman, he never let emotional dilemmas affect his ability to take tough business decisions.

24) The fog reduced visibility and put people in a dilemma whether to drive ahead or not.

25) As silly as it sounds, the biggest dilemma that I had today was to decide whether to wear the red dress or the black one.

26) The boss was in a dilemma over how to iron out arguments between the two cantankerous colleagues. He had never faced such a peculiar situation before.

27) I am in dilemma over who to vote for.

28) Mounting credit card debt meant that she had to either sell her car or forgo her much-awaited overseas holiday. Luckily her boyfriend bailed her out of this dilemma by lending her some money.

29) I was shocked to know that he resigned from his job. I never quite understood his dilemma especially because he seemed happy and never complained about anything.

30) Their dilemma about moving homes is justified. It will be a new experience but it will come with a lot of hassle of getting accustomed to a new place.

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