Use Earnest in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Earnest in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Earnest, Earnestly and Earnestness.

Earnest Definition and Meaning with Examples

Earnest (adjective) means serious, determined or passionate. The meaning refers to anything which has seriousness, gravity or sincerity.

Earnest can also refers to an attitude of determination or conviction.

The word’s meaning may also be in reference to zeal or fervor marked by sincerity.

The meaning of earnest can also refer to something that happens or starts more intensely than before.

The noun form of the word earnest refers to the money paid in advice to make a contract binding or any other token of promise.

Create a sentence with the word earnest to suggest a purposeful and resolute intent. Associate with serious apologies, firm replies, solemn behavior, passionate eagerness or money given as a token advance.


Earnest: Other Grammatical Forms

Earnestly (adverb)

Earnestness (noun)


Earnest in a Sentence Examples

1) Although they were earnest in their endeavor, the investor did not believe that they had the capacity to pull the project through.


2) The project has still not begun in earnest. Because of this, predicting the completion date is next to impossible.

3) She was reading the book with such an earnest expression on her face that I did not have the heart to disturb her.


4) The President carried out an earnest discussion about inflation, unemployment and other grave issues that were suffocating the county’s economy.

5) The construction began in earnest after the rains let up. The investors heaved a sigh of relief and stopped worrying about losing their money.

6) They decided to begin work in earnest after all the employees got back to work after their Christmas break.

7) He cracks lame jokes when he is in a good mood, but most of the time he is earnest. His disposition is generally unchanging.

8) It was a project worth ten million dollars and all the executives were in earnest about its operations.


9) The teacher expected an earnest apology from the student but she was disappointed as she didn’t get a single one.

10) In an earnest act of gratitude, my son wrote a wonderful poem thanking me for all that I had done for him since his birth.


Earnestly in a Sentence Examples

1) She told me earnestly that she wanted to contact an agent and pursue a career in Hollywood as a full-time actress.

2) They wanted do everything in their power to gather the money and move to a better home in a safer locality. This was a decision that they made earnestly.

3) If you study earnestly with a lot of focus, cracking the test on Saturday is not going to be much of a problem.

4) After he gave his son a good scolding for not being serious about his studies, he realized his mistake and began his exam preparation earnestly.

5) She offered them help earnestly. It was not some ploy to make them feel obliged.

6) My mother suggested that I should leave a note and some flowers on my teacher’s desk to thank her earnestly and let her know that I held her in high regard.

7) They discussed the matter so earnestly that their phone conversation lasted for more than two hours.

8) They looked at each other earnestly and without shaking hands or uttering a word. This was enough to seal the deal.

9) She confided in me earnestly and I had no option but to reassure her.

10) Even though my daughter worked earnestly round the year, the promotion went to her colleague who had taken multiple leaves.

Earnestness in a Sentence Examples

1) Initially I thought that is was an audacious proposal. But when I thought about it more, I saw a lot of earnestness in it.

2) I believed her only because she spoke to me in complete earnestness. The gravity on her face was enough to tell me that she was not kidding.

3) There was always earnestness in her smile which made me think about all the fears she was hiding beneath the facade of happiness.

4) The sepia photograph oozes the earnestness of his character. It’s the most brilliant picture of him ever taken.

5) I enjoy the show because celebrities exude earnestness when they are talking. In every other show, they come across as fake and superficial.

6) I knew that something had gone wrong because she called me in the middle of the night and spoke with utter earnestness.

7) The manager was impressed because his colleague showed irrepressible earnestness while defending their proposal in front of clients.

8) His demeanor is generally marked by an understated earnestness. This is what makes him so enigmatic and unpredictable.

9) When my father sat down on the table with his cuppa, I knew that a discussion in full earnestness was about to begin.

10) He is a very boring man to date because he speaks with earnestness all the time. He never seems to let himself loose.


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