Ecstatic in a Sentence

What does ecstatic mean? It means to be relating to an overpowering emotion, to come into a sudden State of excitement.

Adjective: -unecstatic

Sentence Examples: –

  • Anne was ecstatic when her fiancé finally proposed to her.
  • It has been an ecstatic time for the family upon learning that there is little sister was about to get married as well as there was a child to come into the family within a few months.
  • It was the ecstatic children that made the people marching in the band really enjoy what they had been doing for a long time.
  • After joining the military, it was my brother that was ecstatic upon returning from his trip to Afghanistan.
  • To see an ecstatic smile in the face of my daughter is something that is well worth the amount of money that I spent on purchasing her address that she had wanted for a long time.
  • It is only due to the nature and the conviction of my life that I have been ecstatic towards each and every god gifted thing that I have received throughout it.

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