How to use Elan in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Elan in a sentence:-  Sentence examples of Elan.

Elan Definition and Meaning with Examples

Elan (noun) means style or flair. It refers to elegance or grace in a person.

Elan can also be used to describe enthusiasm, vivacity or passion towards someone or something.

In conversation, elan is commonly used to express sophistication and poise.

Add the word elan to your vocabulary by using it to describe someone with a lot of charm and pizzazz. Associate it with a dance performance, an artistic expression or a person’s way of presentation.

Elan: Other grammatical Forms


Elan in a Sentence Examples

1) She signed the autograph with elan, as if it was something she did every day.

2) He performed with elan without getting scared of a packed auditorium.

3) The wealthy can have the luxury to live every aspect of their lives with elan.

4) The presentation was made with so much elan that it impressed the bosses instantly.

5) She moves about the dance floor with grace and elan than no other dancer can match.

6) The politician tackled the anger of the crowds with much composure and elan.

7) The actor is renowned for the range of characters he can portray with elan.

8) Did you know that she has a rare talent of switching between multiple American accents with elan?

9) The lecture was delivered with so much elan that the audience was convinced of every word that was said by the speaker.

10) I am disappointed because I can’t seem to carry off this dress with the same elan that model did on the runway.

11) When she switches to French from English, her voice magically picks up a certain elan.

12) No one can match the charm and elan of President Barack Obama.

13) The pianist plays the piano with as much elan as he plays the guitar and the French Horn.

14) I was more in awe of the elan with which he spoke, rather than his good looks or personality.

15) CEO’s are expected to have elan and suaveness because they are constantly in the public eye.

16) Social etiquette and grooming has enhanced the elan with which she presents herself in front of the society.

17) He is not a particularly good actor, it’s just his elan that charms women.

18) Although they were folk performers, their elan was more impressive than their urban counterparts.

19) Wearing oversized sunglasses, fitter denims and an expensive looking bag, she strutted around the mall with elan.

20) Celebrities are chained to portraying sophistication and elan all the time, because that is the kind of behavior which is expected of them.

21) Lady Gaga’s fans are bound to think that she wears all her zany costumes with much elan.

22) He is the heart of every party because his elan lights up the entire place.

23) The elan with which the song was sung reminded me of the classical singers of yesteryears.

24) The teacher was popular in the school because she taught her students with elan.

25) The philanthropists inaugurated the charitable initiative with full elan and gusto.

26) The elan with which the host compeered the show made it worth the expensive entry fees.

27) The talent agency is looking for young women in the age group of 18 to 25 who carry themselves with elan.

28) The queen’s jewelry collection and wardrobe are bound to be exquisite and full of elan.

29) Among many dynamic skills that a person requires to become an emcee, eloquence and elan are the highest contenders.

30) My grandmother’s zest for life and elan even at the delicate age of eighty, are truly inspirational.

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