How to Use Eclectic in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Eclectic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Eclectic, Eclectically and Eclecticism.

Eclectic: Definition and Meaning

Eclectic (adjective) means mixed and diverse ideas.

The word refers to concepts, tastes, things, thoughts, styles or elements taken from different sources.

Add the word eclectic to your vocabulary to express an assemblage of ideas or collection of different references. A motley group of artists, assorted furniture pieces in a room, various types of cuisines or unique collection of paintings are the kind of things that can be described by the word eclectic.

People with eclectic choices are often associated with being rare, unique and strikingly different from others.

Eclectic: Other Grammatical Forms

Eclectic (noun)

Eclectically (adverb)

Eclecticism (noun)

Eclectic in a Sentence Examples

1) Their eclectic taste in music is truly commendable. They were familiar to a wide range of sounds from a very young age.

2) The club gained quick popularity amongst music aficionados because it played unreleased albums by independent bands.

3) Gift her any book you like because she has an eclectic choice in books. She loves reading just about anything.

4) She was interested in gaining prowess in an eclectic mix of subjects. She didn’t want to stick with doing just one thing in life.

5) She has been able to make friends out of her colleagues in the art world because they all are an eclectic bunch, just like her.

6) I can recommend a few eclectic hole in the wall places if you are a quirky tourist.

7) It’s always easy to make conversation with an eclectic group of people as opposed to people with no hobbies who talk about quotidian things.

8) The gallery is known to select only relatively new and eclectic works. You will not find classics or traditionally successful works there.

9) She has an eclectic collection of jewelry which includes some rare pieces along with a few knick-knacks bought from flea markets.

10) He formed an eclectic team for his new campaign because he wanted interdisciplinary perspectives on the project.

Eclectic in a Sentence Examples

1) Considering the aristocracy in which he has been brought up, it isn’t too difficult to guess that he must be a total eclectic.

2) He is a pure eclectic and it clearly reflects in his artwork which has been selling so well internationally.

3) They needed an eclectic with great vision to head the board because their designs were ambitious and revolutionary.

4) Your father may be an eclectic but the truth is that he doesn’t even earn enough money to sustain his family.

5) When you meet her and hear her wax eloquent on any topic under the sun, you will find out that she is an eclectic.

Eclectically in a Sentence Examples

1) The culture of the country was eclectically represented in the film. Everything from its arts, film, music and architecture was covered.

2) His house has been eclectically designed by his wife. It is a beautiful mélange of contemporary aesthetics and Victorian sensibility.

3) The challenge given to contestants in the show was to cook eclectically by mixing exotic ingredients from various countries.

4) All the musicians were lined up eclectically so that the audience would find novelty in the show and consider its pricey ticket worth it.

5) The gallery demands a visit because it has an eclectically sourced collection of rare stones other memorabilia of the royalty.

6) It’s always fun to listen to what they discuss because they talk eclectically on myriad subjects.

7) Eclectically chosen art pieces reflected their refined tastes, aesthetics and most importantly the kind of wealth they had.

8) The venue of the wedding was eclectically decorated as per the wishes of the eccentric couple.

9) I’d rather buy furniture which is eclectically retro rather than dumping a factory made couch in my living room.

10) As the eclectically dressed models walked the runway, the fashion designer sealed his reputation of being the quirkiest in the fashion scene of the country.

Eclecticism in a Sentence Examples

1) Eclecticism has often been criticized for its inconsistencies but there are many practitioners in art who recommend it anyway.

2) He defended himself with the theory of eclecticism when he was accused of merging random dance styles in his performance.

3) The novelty in his work seems to stem from his eclecticism – they way in which he is open to ideas from anywhere and everywhere.

4) The beautiful and memorable dialogue he wrote for his film was a result of his eclecticism.

5) The book depicts the eclecticism of the author and the number of cultural references he has used to create the milieu of the story.

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