How to Use Efface in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does efface  mean?: – to delete something from the surface

Noun: -effacer

Adjective: -effaceable

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you could only efface all the memories of your ex-girlfriend, you would certainly remain a very happy person.
  • A breakup always entitles that the couple would like to efface all the memories that they have hacked together, otherwise the timeframe becomes extremely bad for them to go through.
  • With the help of a whitewash, Jon was looking to efface all the graffiti being put up by the Vandals in the church.
  • There was a lot of damage being caused to the doll box due to the huge amount of paint flowing inside it; one would need a hard sponge to efface it.
  • Even after trying to efface all the photographs of his wife from the room, Stephen did not manage to get rid of the pain in his heart.
  • Going to the passages of time, you can try your best to efface the memories of people, but chances are that it would remain a lingering thought in your mind.

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