How to Use Effusive in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does effusive mean? It means somebody that is lacking any kind of deception, a person that is unable to control his emotions.

Noun: -effusiveness

Adjective: -noneffusive

Sentence Examples: –

  • When the jury mentioned that the defendant was to be held guilty, the parents of the victim were effusive in their praise about how the justice system of the country has upheld their rights.
  • It is not something to be effusive about if you are secretly recording your girlfriend, and finding her to be extremely suspicious about your intentions.
  • Although I do not happen to be an effusive person, but I do try and share my feelings with my peers; it leads to a lot of de-stressing in my life, and it has led to my life being turned around.
  • You need not be effusive on your praise to me; all I did was to purchase the food from the supermarket and bring it to the house.
  • It goes without saying that when a team plays well, the coach is ecstatic and effusive in his praise towards the team members.

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