How to Use Egregious in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Egregious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Egregious, Egregiously and Egregiousness.

Egregious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Egregious (adjective) means shocking or bad. It suggests something which is glaringly horrible in a way that it stands out.

The word refers to anything that is outrageous in a striking or prominent way.

A flagrant mistake, notorious act or offensive lies can be described by egregious.

Cheating in tests, bribing officials for getting work done or hurling abuses without any reason are examples of egregious behavior.

Egregious: Other Grammatical Forms

Egregiously (adverb)

Egregiousness (noun)

Egregious in a Sentence Examples

1) He is an egregious liar and I wouldn’t be surprised if he lied to his wife too.

2) Before he was identified as a nefarious criminal, the police had no records of his egregious acts of crime.

3) The company’s handling of the controversy was egregious. It was in desperate need of a PR team to help them get their act together.

4) It was an egregious mistake on his part to quote misleading statistics in the press conference.

5) The student has set an egregious example of unacceptable behavior by cursing his teacher in front of everyone.

6) We expected positive feedback, not egregious criticism that had no foundation.

7) One of the most egregious elements of their relationship was the emotional violence that both of them went through.

8) His egregious style of working and his disregard for systems has discouraged many talented people from working with him.

9) He was taken into prison for the egregious threats he gave to kids in the neighborhood.

10) She must be held responsible for the egregious statements she made in her speech in front of a bunch of kids.

Egregiously in a Sentence Examples

1) He egregiously abused everyone for the failure of the project even though he knew that it was his mistake.

2) He was egregiously ousted from the company for no fault of his.

3) The sliced each other egregiously in a verbal battle. On national television, such behavior was completely uncalled for.

4) The way in which he acted was egregiously irresponsible. It was because of his carelessness that the confidential tape was leaked.

5) She was egregiously warned by her stepmother to leave the house as soon as possible.

6) He will have to be punished for egregiously flouting all the rules of the institution.

7) The reporter apologized for the egregiously erroneous facts that were published in the newspaper.

8) Her egregiously made allegations were always earning her a spot in the headlines.

9) Only the wealthy can afford such egregiously exorbitant brands. People like us are better off shopping from flea markets.

10) They egregiously refused to donate to the cause even though they were amongst the wealthiest.

Egregiousness in a Sentence Examples

1) He had the egregiousness and arrogance of a brat who had been brought up in a lot of wealth but didn’t know what it took to earn it.

2) The egregiousness of his actions was earning him the title of a bad boy – which many girls seemed to be attracted to.

3) They must be castigated for the egregiousness of their hypocritical morality. If they can’t practice what they preach, they should keep quiet.

4) Inflation grew with uncontrolled egregiousness and people could just not take it anymore.

5) The egregiousness with which he went to all extremes to sabotage the game was ridiculous.

6) The teacher narrated the story of the student who was permanently thrown out from school because of the egregiousness of his behavior.

7) People stopped listening to the radio show because of the egregiousness with which it presented facts and figures.

8) Today’s newspaper carries an interesting article about the egregiousness with which companies are shrinking maternity leave instead of doing the opposite.

9) The notorious politician paid several bribes to get his nephew into the country’s best college. The egregiousness of his act was unfortunately exposed much later.

10) It was difficult to believe the egregiousness of the scenario – everyone in the business family had misused their connections in the government for ulterior motives.

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