How to use Suave in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Suave in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Suave, Suavely, Suaveness and Suavity.

Suave Definition and Meaning with Examples

Suave (adjective) means charming, elegant and polite.

The word is used for debonair males who are sophisticated and stylish.

A gentleman who is a smooth-talker, knows how to be dignified and can charm people easily, can be called suave.

Form a sentence with the word suave to express the gallantness or urbaneness in a man. For instance, if a man can impress a woman in a sophisticated way, play pool in style or come across as agreeable in social situations, he is suave.

Suave: Other Grammatical Forms

Suavely (adverb)

Suaveness (noun)

Suavity (noun)

Suave in a Sentence Examples

1) If you are going to meet your girlfriend’s parents, it’s best that you look suave and thoroughly charming.

2) His suave ways are bound to impress her in a matter of minutes. He hasn’t been given the moniker of Casanova for nothing.

3) As a suave gentleman, you ought to offer the lady a ride home.

4) The fashion editor wanted him to wear the tuxedo to look suave enough on the cover of the premium men’s magazine.

5) He wears sunglasses all the time because he thinks it makes him look more suave, confident and handsome.

6) He is very intelligent but he needs to be a bit more suave if he wants to succeed in the world of business.

7) He gave suave replies to every tricky question that he was asked. He was so confident that nothing could stop him.

8) He is likely to be suave in his manner, considering that he has had an elite upbringing in Britain’s noble family.

9) He is a suave politician who knows how to tackle difficult situations with ease because he has been brought up amongst such people.

10) My boss was confident that our suave manager would effortlessly manage the meeting in his absence, even though the client was difficult andobstinate.

Suavely in a Sentence Examples

1) When she asked him how much money he earned, he suavely replied that he earned enough to keep her happy.

2) With violins playing in the background and cool sea breeze blowing in the starry night, he suavely proposed to her after reciting a poem.

3) My competitor can be dressed as suavely as he wants, but there is nothing that can stop me from bagging the contract today.

4) After approving the temperature of the bottle, he sniffed the wine and then swirled it in the glass suavely, as if he was a wine connoisseur.

5) He tried to work his charm on me and convince me as suavely as he could, but I had made up mind not to succumb to him.

6) Under the pretext of shaking hands with me, he pulled me closer to him, cupped my face and kissed me suavely.

7) After finishing our negotiations, we started talking about my life and that’s when I realized that he had suavely steered the topic.

8) He introduced himself suavely and sat on the table with his hands in his pocket, a stance which made me best friend drool over him.

9) He offered her a drink so suavely that she found herself being drawn to that man who she had never even met before.

10) Her suavely done up hairdo made her look like a model who was about to pose for the cover page of a glossy fashion magazine.

Suaveness in a Sentence Examples

1) My boss wanted me to use my suaveness to win over the customers. I know that he is taking advantage of me in the wrong way.

2) The suaveness in his personality and the swagger in his walk were enough to let everybody know that he was there to get attention.

3) The suaveness with which he played golf and made conversation with the elite of the society astonished me.

4) His suaveness was a cover that he used to hide his weaknesses and faults. I knew this because I was familiar with his tumultuous past.

5) The actor charmed his female fans with his suaveness, calling a few of them up on stage to dance with him.

Suavity in a Sentence Examples

1) I wish I had his suavity and style to be able to charm the board of directors that mostly comprised wealthy women.

2) His uses his suavity whenever he has no substance to offer but needs to make a desperate sale.

3) He asked her out on a date with so much suavity that she could hardly refuse. Everyone knew that she had fallen for him.

4) The stylist thought that it would be nice to add the bow tie and cufflinks to add to the suavity of his look.

5) Try not to get carried away by his suavity, focus on the negotiations instead. He has a habit of disarming people with his charisma.

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