Use Elusive in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Elusive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Elusive, Elusively and Elusiveness.

Elusive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Elusive (adjective) means slippery or evasive. It can be used to describe a person, thing, emotion, thought or idea which cannot be easily grasped, understood or comprehended.

Elusive also refers to something which is difficult to describe, remember, achieve, track or catch physically.

Anonymity or reclusiveness can also be expressed by the word elusive.

Use elusive to suggest something which is difficult to pin down.

Celebrities who give vague answers, dreams that are not definable, insects that are impossible to catch or hobos whose whereabouts are tough to track down, can be called elusive.

Elusive: Other Grammatical Forms

Elusively (adverb)

Elusiveness (noun)

Elusive in a Sentence Examples

1) She went to a psychiatrist to decode the meaning of her elusive dreams that had been bothering her since a while.

2) The speaker lost his audience as soon as he started making elusive references in his speech.

3) My lawyer will not tolerate elusive evidences. He won’t go to court until he has something solid to back him up.

4) It was the photographer’s dream to capture the elusive Snowy owl which was seen only in the harshest of winters.

5) Archaeologists were looking for an elusive metal which was used in the ancient civilizations for alchemy.

6) My brother wants to spend his precious youth chasing his elusive dream of making it big in Hollywood.

7) The burglar proved to be too elusive for the cops. It took them three years to get hold of details regarding his whereabouts.

8) The professor asked her students to write down their thoughts about the elusive ideas expressed in the political essay.

9) Many concepts of philosophy can be very elusive and ambiguous for students to understand.

10) A perfect life is an elusive thing because there is no single definition for the word perfect.

Elusively in a Sentence Examples

1) The board will not understand your innovative ideas if you communicate them so elusively. You will have to use facts and figures to make them understand.


2) She is a smart businesswoman. She talks elusively when she does not want to answer questions asked in interviews.


3) He is a moody person who disappears into his cocoon elusively, connecting with the world only when he wants to.

4) The media wanted the minster to elaborate on his elusively made statement in his speech the other day.

5) She elusively explained why she wanted to go to a vacation with her friends. Her mother sensed that something was fishy.

6) The sneaky critter has a habit of elusively hiding in corners. It impossible to catch it in one go.

7) The thought of doing something new and grand has been chasing me elusively from a long time.

8) He behaves elusively in front of the media because he is not comfortable with all the attention he gets.

9) The thoughts of his unrequited love harassed him elusively, leaving him shaken, rattled and thoroughly disturbed.

10) Thoughts enter his mind randomly and elusively. His mental illness has made him unable to remember things in a straight sequence.


Elusiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) The elusiveness of the thought made the poem very difficult to understand.

2) It is the elusiveness of the rock star is what makes him so mysterious and sought after.

3) The elusiveness of the text offers different interpretations every time it is read.

4) It was the elusiveness of the deer which excited the hunters, making them wait behind shrubs for hours and hours.

5) Painters are known to be a reclusive lot. Their elusiveness if often reflected in the abstract nature of their works.

6) My mentor taught me how to convert the elusiveness of an idea into something doable.

7) Her ambitions are full of elusiveness. I still don’t understand what she wants out of her life.

8) I don’t know what to make out of the elusiveness of his advice. Should I accept it or not?

9) You cannot beat him in the race. His elusiveness and his agility are like lightning – he passes in a flash.

10) The book narrated the story of a migrant who left his family and travelled overseas, only to be disappointed by the elusiveness of the American Dream.

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