How to Use Encumber in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does encumber  mean?: – to restrict something, to ensure that the free action on the movement of something is seemingly difficult

Noun: -encumbrance

Adjective: -unencumberd

Sentence Examples: –

  • the rules of the chapel is such that it sometimes encumber the members of the Church from trying to do something on their own. It is frowned upon by the establishment.
  • If you do not want the baby to always encumber you when you happen to be jogging, then you need to carry her in a stroller instead of physically carrying her when you are exercising.
  • The robust tax plan will be able to encumber a lot of average people into the scheme, thereby providing for excellent tax returns for the government.
  • There are a lot of political refugees that would want to encumber the rebels, and organize for them the different aspects of the revolution, instead of doing it themselves.
  • If you end up losing all your money in the stock market, then the plans of your future will encumber your need to get a good paying job at this current moment.

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