How to Use Enigma in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does enigma  mean?: -A person or a substance that seems to be mysterious and too difficult to understand

Sentence Examples: –

  • a new detective had to be brought to the case as the true motive behind the murder was an enigma.
  • If you have weird parents, their motive remains an enigma to you, however long you may stay with them, and it never changes.
  • After the little girl’s disappearance, the entire town is looking at it in the form of an enigma.
  • The point of the game is always going to remain an enigma to me as I neither like the game, nor do I find it something that is just worthy to be played.
  • The trick, get by the magician was an enigma to the general public.
  • For the psychiatrist, the viewpoint of his patient remained an enigma; however much he tried, he could not delve into the past of the person.
  • With a lot of bestselling books being thrown about as a form of name-calling, the true enigma lies when people end up purchasing them instead of downloading them from the Internet.

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