How to Use Espouse in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does espouse  mean?: -supporting a cause or a belief and adopt into it

Noun: -espouser

Adjective: -unespoused

Espouse  in a Sentence Examples: –

  • There are many people that espouse the need to go for a crash course in diet, but feel extremely bad when they find that they could successfully gain weight, even when not eating anything.
  • Yes, there have been a lot of people that have taken the Internet platform to espouse the character of the movie, but according to the critics, she definitely played her part to full glory.
  • There are many people that would like to espouse the theory of evolution, but when it comes to the true intelligence of an organization, they need to realize that everything is governed by science.
  • One of the true features about science is that it can easily espouse any type of viewpoint, particularly when it comes to the emancipation of an organization, or somebody that is hardline fanatic.
  • If you think about trying to espouse a particular religion, first go through the religious books of that religion.

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