Ex in a sentence

What does ex  mean?: -previous, the past

Sentence Examples: –

  • I have had a lot to deal with since my ex-wife left me for another person.
  • There were a lot of conflicts with my ex-colleagues about the type of work that I should be doing in the office, and the kind of work that I was handed at the end of the day.
  • When my ex-wife went away with my child, it left me with a lot of heart pain that I was not accustomed to.
  • The worst part of being a part from your ex-wife is that you still love your dogs.
  • There is a lot to be told about the exes and the kind of problems that they pose in your life, depending upon the amount of paranoia that they have displayed during the relationship.
  • As an ex-board member, you still have your shares and the voting rights, but nothing decisive towards the use of the company.
  • When you think about ex-presidents and the kind of position and honor that they demand in a particular company, you certainly want to find yourself in that position.

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