How to use Exorbitant In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Exorbitant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Exorbitant, Exorbitantly and Exorbitance.

Exorbitant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Exorbitant (adjective) means unreasonable or outrageous.

The word is usually associated with prohibitively high prices of any commodity or service.

The adjective and noun forms of this word can particularly be used to denote excess or anything that seems a bit too much.

Add the word exorbitant to your vocabulary to suggest sky-high prices. Associate it with luxurious vacations, inflated interest rates, unreasonable fees orpreposterous charges. Anything that costs a bomb or is over the top can be called exorbitant.

Exorbitant: Other Grammatical Forms

Exorbitantly (adverb)

Exorbitance (noun)

Exorbitant in a Sentence Examples

1) The exorbitant expenditure in the company’s latest project reflected flaws in the management’s decision making process.

2) She has a habit of spending exorbitant amounts of money when she goes shopping. It is not a surprise that she has defaulted on her credit card bills.

3) The government spent an exorbitant amount of funds to spruce up the downtown area. But it has been because the tree-lined streets and modern facadeshave made the city come alive.

4) The wedding celebrations were way more exorbitant than I expected. I wonder how they got the money to host such an opulent event.

5) I like reading gossip columns because they give a peak into the exorbitant lifestyles of the rich and famous.

6) A quick glance into his credit card bills revealed how his exorbitant purchases had driven him deep into debt.

7) No matter how exorbitant your sartorial choices are, they are no good if they aren’t matched by a good personality.

8) I loved the venue but the only reason I didn’t book it, was because it was exorbitant.  A little more discount would have sealed the deal.

9) She has finally put an end to her exorbitant shopping sprees, having realized she must save for a rainy day.

10) My father spent all his savings on the exorbitant maintenance charges of the building.

Exorbitantly in a Sentence Examples

1) A single boat ride from the island to the main street is exorbitantly high because tourists never protest.

2) I loved the peplum dress but after looking at its exorbitantly high price tag, I had no choice but to keep it back on the shelf.

3) Although the hotel was exorbitantly overpriced, my husband took me there for dinner because he knew that I had always wanted to visit the place.

4) People generally think that exorbitantly priced items are of good quality but that isn’t always the case.

5) The fashion merchandiser spent exorbitantly but did not get the kind of variety she was looking for. Eventually, she got fired for taking such a decision.

6) The treatment may be exorbitantly expensive but I have no choice but to take it because I have cancer.

7) The restaurant was reviewed very well but the article cleverly hid the fact that it was exorbitantly priced.

8) No one can blame him for spending exorbitantly on flashy cars. He has grown up in a household where just about everyone is a car fanatic.

9) The top fashion houses of the world have a habit of pricing their products exorbitantly. In most cases, the prices don’t justify the value.

10) His house would never have been repossessed if he hadn’t indulged exorbitantly in some of the vices that he has nurtured throughout his life.

Exorbitance in a Sentence Examples

1) Exorbitance of such kind cannot be accepted. The government should take some measures to bring down the prices of common goods.

2) The city has lost out on a lot of tourism from across the globe because of the exorbitance of its hospitality industry.

3) The article criticized the exorbitance of the spa facility and how it used cosmetics that were tested on animals.

4) The exorbitance of food items in this country have made it a very difficult place to live in.

5) Except all the exorbitance, our vacation was amazing. We did everything from skydiving to parasailing.

6) More than the painting, it was the exorbitance of its opening event that made more news.

7) The exorbitance of fees and additional costs has made taking home loans extremely tedious and difficult.

8) The staggering exorbitance of the resort was appalling, and to see so many people actually staying in it was even more shocking.

9) The exorbitance of the vacation that my friends are taking is outrageous, especially when they recently told me that they were broke.

10) Exorbitance is the name of the game in parties hosted by celebrities. Right from the decorations to the glittering dresses, everything is done up garishly.

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