How to Use Outrageous in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Outrageous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Outrageous, Outrageously and Outrageousness.

Outrageous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Outrageous (adjective) means shocking, unreasonable or flashy. Outrageous can refer to anything which is offensive or disgraceful however it can be used in several ways to convey more of its nuanced meanings.

Outrageous can also suggest something to be excessive or exorbitant.

The word may also refer to something which is unreasonable or unconvincing.

Alternatively, outrageous can refer to gaudy or bold.

Add outrageous to your dictionary and use it to suggest horror, shock or an unpleasant surprise. Associate it with indecent comments, flamboyant clothes, insufferable behavior, far-fetched ideas or audacious actions.

Outrageous: Other Grammatical Forms

Outrageously (adverb)

Outrageousness (noun)

Outrageous in a Sentence Examples

1) It was outrageous to see how the profusely bleeding man was left unattended by the hospital staff. A complaint should have been registered immediately.

2) She embarrassed everyone by giving outrageous opinions about the controversy without even knowing anything about it.

3) How outrageous of you to have used expletives in your language on such a somber occasion. Didn’t you have the decency to show some restraint?

4) My daughter’s outrageous outfit was the highlight of the fancy dress competition.

5) The protester’s outrageous way of talking irked the cop and he decided to question him even more.

6) These days, children play outrageous pranks on their teachers in school. We weren’t like this when we were young.

7) The teacher’s punishments were getting weirder and outrageous day after day.

8) Tabloids are known to print outrageous stories about celebrities and their personal lives without their permission.

9) An outrageous clause has been deliberately added in the contract so that it gets rejected.

10) My mother was upset with me because I got myself a permanent tattoo which she thought was outrageous.

Outrageously in a Sentence Examples

1) My mother outrageously remarked to my uncle at the dinner party that he may be underqualified for the job.

2) I outrageously suggested to my father that we should spend a thousand dollars on the lottery ticket. He gaped at me wide-eyed when he heard me say this.

3) We ran out of cash in the middle of our holiday because we spent outrageously and impractically in the very beginning of our trip. That was a stupid thing to do.

4) The dance performed on the stage was outrageously choreographed. It bordered on vulgarity.

5) He was outrageously insulted by his friends on Facebook. The worst part being that the conversation between them could be accessed by the whole world.

6) People have no civilities these days. I recently told off a man who was outrageously talking away on his phone in the middle of a play.

7) We were outrageously told to leave the premises although we had paid entry fees.

8) I wouldn’t just say that the prices to the opera have become exorbitant. I think they have become outrageously high.

9) Marketing gimmicks tend to outrageously mislead people about new products and services in the market.

10) Although the stand-up comedian targeted most of jokes towards different ethnicities and their peculiarities, he was outrageously funny.

Outrageousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The outrageousness of the crimes committed against women in the world are growing continuously.

2) I was left disconcerted by the outrageousness of the minister’s behavior in front of the public. He cannot do anything he fancies just because he has authority.

3) Reality TV shows capitalize and thrive on the outrageousness of the tasks that they make their contestants participate in.

4) After he lied to his father about his grades, he went on to shoplift and got arrested. His outrageousness was unbelievable.

5) The outrageousness of the story was the movie’s losing point. A science fiction film can be futuristic, but it can’t be preposterous.

6) The outrageousness of some of the laws of this country is indeed baffling. I wonder why they haven’t been altered from such a long time.

7) Most of his ideas are filled with outrageousness and empty ambition. He needs to achieve something solid before he lets his ideas carry him away.

8) The outrageousness of the whole situation turned into hilariousness after some time.

9) The outrageousness of the party’s theme bothered me. How were we supposed to wear a hat made of fruits on our heads?

10) The gown would have looked lovely without the frills and the outrageousness of the fluorescent colors.

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