Expunge in a sentence

What does expunge  mean?: -completely remove something that is unpleasant

Noun: -expunger

Adjective: -unexpunged

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is of common knowledge that people would like to expunge the memories that bring a lot of bad thought to them.
  • The judicial system has decided to expunge the criminal record that I have possessed, and there would be no evidence of any kind of misdemeanor from my past anymore.
  • It is only the president that has the power to expunge the criminal history of any person, so as to provide for a fresh start in the life of that person.
  • When you receive a piece of jewelry from your better half, you would certainly expunge any kind of bad feelings that you have towards that person.
  • If there is any way for you to expunge the feelings from your girlfriend, it is important that you take the initiative first.
  • Is there any method with which you would be able to expunge this particular tattoo from your body?
  • How about you expunge all the bad thoughts while out on a vacation?

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