Fervid in a sentence

What does fervid  mean?: -extremely enthusiastic people that belong to a different category

Noun: -fervidity

Adjective: -nonfervid

Sentence Examples: –

  • Donald Trump made a fervid speech in order to claim candidature for the state of Florida.
  • Just because I’m concerned about the educational rights of my daughter, it does not mean that I am not a fervid enthusiast when it comes to sports in the school curriculum.
  • There are various fans that crave for fervid attention from their celebrities, and are willing to go to any lengths in order to gain them.
  • It is the fervid imagination of the inventors that allow the world to witness the birth and the work of various new products in this world.
  • You just cannot be a fervid supporter and follow the ideology of people that seems to denigrate the entire human race.
  • There has been a fervid plea towards the judge by the defendant, in terms of getting everything said, so that he could not find any lapse in his judgment.
  • The fervid actions of the husband ended up saving the life of his children as well as his wife.

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