Fervor in a sentence

What does fervor  mean?: -a passionate feeling

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is with an intense fervor that he went on with his life, even when everything around him was looking to be devastated.
  • Although, there are a lot of people that prefer to look at college football as the gateway to professionals, a lot of students only play with fervor as they want to please their friends as well as family members.
  • The teachings of the Church bring about a certain amount of religious fervor amongst the people, and that in itself strikes the balance for the people visiting this establishment.
  • Whenever the government increases the taxes, it brings around a lot of fervor amongst the general population, something which is not good.
  • Car salesman and dealerships look to provide a variety of discounts so as to ignite that feeling of passion and fervor in order to make people purchase from their shop.
  • It is when the fervor of the dead soldier’s mother is shown on the television that people will be able to see the kind of hatred that they normally want to see for the other country.

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