How to Use Fickle in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Fickle in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Fickle, Fickly and Fickleness.

Fickle Definition and Meaning with Examples

Fickle (adjective) means irregular or changeable. It refers to anything which is volatile or unpredictable.

The word suggests the unreliability of a person who frequently changes sides or loyalties.

Capricious behavior, unsteady opinions or mercurial nature can be aptly described by fickle.

A girl who claims her favorite color to be red only to change her statement after a few days and say that it is blue, can be called a fickle person.

Fickle: Other Grammatical Forms

Fickly (adverb)

Fickleness (noun)

Fickle in a Sentence Examples

1) Her taste in clothes is very fickle. One day she like something, the other day she likes something else.

2) He doesn’t have the maturity to lead a team. He is fickle and unreliable.

3) It’s a myth that creative people are fickle by nature.

4) It’s very fickle of you to get everyone on board for this project and then decide to shelve it for no reason.

5) Investors don’t want to put their money on companies that are showing fickle growth and inconsistent profits.

6) He was left heartbroken many times because he tended to fall in love with the most fickle of women.

7) Actresses often have fickle admirers who forget about them the minute a new female lead becomes popular.

8) London’s weather is so fickle that it becomes imperative to carry an umbrella all the time.

9) Her fickle behavior and her surreptitious actions roused suspicion about her character and intent.

10) It’s a very fickle industry to be in. One day can be awesome and the next can be devastating.

Fickly in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s impossible to follow the latest on the runway because fashion changes so fickly.

2) Many businesses have suffered because tax revisions have been changed fickly in the past.

3) You cannot afford to behave fickly just because you are the owner of the company. People look up to you for inspiration.

4) The company came under scrutiny because it fickly hired and fired people without following any regulations.

5) People will fickly buy whatever celebrities flaunt in their movies. It could be footwear, protein shakes or even superfluous cosmetics.

6) Fashions change fickly but that’s probably how the industry entices customers and makes money.

7) No one trusts her anymore because she opines fickly.

8) It rained heavily and fickly. When we stepped out, there was absolutely no sign of a downpour.

9) He puts up an appearance of taking everyone’s suggestions but the truth is that he is fickly and barely interested.

10) She fickly agreed to the proposal made in the meeting. Little did everyone know that she was going to reject it a few hours later when everyone was gone.

Fickleness in a Sentence Examples

1) The fickleness with which they changed sides proved the kind of fair weather friends they were.

2) Her love life has been plagued by her fickleness. She just can’t set her mind on who she wants to date.

3) Her general fickleness makes it impossible to figure out what to gift her on the occasion of her birthday.

4) Since she could not bear the fickleness that came with stardom, she soon sank into oblivion.

5) The fickleness with which the press favors and criticizes celebrities is known to everybody.

6) Brands are taking advantage of consumers’ fickleness, trying to lure them with discounts.

7) I don’t know why you put up with such imbecile friends, their fickleness and their pomposity.

9) The poem was a reflection on the fickleness of destiny and how it can render a person powerless in a matter of minutes.

10he fickleness of regulations has made this market a very unstable place to operate in.

The fickleness and the absurdity of the online game which involved chasing virtual cats drew everyone’s attention.

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