How to use Superfluous in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Superfluous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Superfluous, Superfluously and Superfluousness.

Superfluous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Superfluous (adjective) means extra or spare. It refers to something which is not required or is left over.

The surplus or excess suggested by the word superfluous has a negative connotation of being unproductive or wasteful.

In addition to conveying the pointlessness of a thing, superfluous can also refer to the worthlessness of a person’s presence.

Extra members in a team who have no work to do, toppings of a dish that have no taste, words that add no meaning to a sentence or clothes in a travelling bag that have no purpose, are all superfluous.

Superfluous: Other Grammatical Forms

Superfluously (adverb)

Superfluousness (noun)

Superfluous in a Sentence Examples

1) Too much superfluous data has been included in this survey. It needs to be rewritten more succinctly.

2) He is a part of the company just because he is the owner’s nephew. Otherwise, his position is totally superfluous.

3) Our teacher asked us to keep our essays devoid of superfluous words. She wanted us to use direct and straightforward language.

4) I could sense that my attendance in the party was superfluous. I was better off staying at home.

5) The housekeeping staff becomes superfluous when my mother is at my place. She takes over everything.

6) All the knowledge that you have is superfluous until you actually put it to good use or pass it to others.

7) We decided to comb through the entire report before submission so that we could remove all the superficial elements.

8) She wasn’t disappointed when her colleague accidently broke an expensive vase lying on her table.  She thought it was superfluous anyway.

9) Most of the things that radio jockeys blabber about all day are superfluous and plain stupid.

10) Your boss will immediately know that you are giving superfluous reasons for not attending the meeting if you talk too much.

Superfluously in a Sentence Examples

1) She superfluously asked me if I wanted anything. There was no need of such formality.

2) She took notes superfluously without realizing that those chapters weren’t even included in the final syllabus.

3) My mother superfluously insisted that I carry my fur jacket. It was going to be an utter waste because the place where I was going was a tropical country.

4) The politician commented on the matter superfluously. He should not have interfered in something that didn’t involve him.

5) Music superfluously played on low volume while we were busy singing loudly, having the best time of our lives.

6) Most things in his living room were superfluously placed. One day, he decided to clean it and get rid of all the things that he didn’t need.

7) They offended me with a superfluously made nasty remark about my father.

8) If he is going to be present superfluously, why spend all the money on his air tickets and call him anyway?

9) She lent her support to me in public superfluously, just to make herself look good. I had already made a convincing point.

10) My friends ridiculed me for having superfluously packed homemade food for our vacation since we were travelling to one of the great culinary destinations of our country.

Superfluousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The superfluousness of information in these books make them boring. I wish I had something more interesting to read.

2) If he ever listens to his own speeches on TV, he will realize the intensity of the superfluousness of his words.

3) The superfluousness of the resources spent on employee recreation was the main point which was discussed in the meeting.

4) The decor looked too crowded because of the superfluousness of the ornamental lamps kept in all the corners.

5) Her look on the red carpet was criticized heavily because of the superfluousness of all the accessories she wore.

6) The superfluousness of their conversation was enough to tell me that they shared an awkward vibe.

7) The superfluousness of her words indicated that she was not a person of substance, she just knew how to talk.

8) The directors of the company discussed the product strategy with superfluousness. The real decisions were being made by the junior executives.

9) My manuscript was rejected because of the superfluousness of the notes that I had affixed with each chapter.

10) The superfluousness of the manager’s presence in the party upset all the employees who wanted to let their hair down and have fun in their own way.

More examples of Superfluous Sentence

  • Do not buy three bottles of Coke, when the guest list only includes two people, it would be superfluous.
  • John possessed a superfluous quantity of chocolates, which he readily distributed among his friends.

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