Foible in a sentence

What does foible  mean?: – A very small weakness in somebody’s character

Noun: -foibles

Sentence Examples: –

  • Using drugs is the foible that has been slowly destroying the life of Jon.
  • There are many people that think about Jack and his taste of music to be foible to the modern generation; however, that is what makes him unique and impressionable.
  • The only weakness that could be constituted as a foible for Steward is gambling.
  • For the people that make minimum wage, smoking happens to be a foible that they are more than comfortable with.
  • The foible of people to look down on others is not something that is an attractive factor for the ladies that would want to get into a relationship with them.
  • The worst of Ryan is his foible to be obnoxious to the people that work under him.
  • There is a need for people to remain patient; in patients is not a foible that government agents can deal with.
  • The foible of his life, which was drinking, led to his downfall.

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