Fortuitous in a sentence

What does fortuitous mean? It means something that has happened fortunately, or by accident.

Noun: -fortuitousness

Adjective: -nonfortuitous

Sentence Examples:

  • It is not by chance that Mark happens to be fortuitous in the selection of all the horses that would end up winning races.
  • One could say that it proved to be our fortuitous chance that we could get together after having first met a few years ago.
  • Upon giving up hope that he would be able to meet the person of his life, it was a fortuitous encounter with a wonderful lady went on to become his fiancée that let Jon know about the beauty and joys of life.
  • It can be life changing as well as fortuitous if you go on a journey to discover your true self. Travel to far off places that are not at all in touch with the luxuries and the beauties of nature.
  • Just before the bank was about to close, I went to deposit my money. It was a fortuitous encounter that I also met my friend in that branch.

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