Frugal in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Frugal in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Frugal, Frugally and Frugality.

Frugal Definition and Meaning with Examples

Frugal (adjective) means thrifty or economical. It refers to a person who is extremely careful or conservative about spending resources and money.

Frugal can also be used to describe something which is plain, inexpensive and simple. Frugal people are known to dislike waste, extravagance or excess of any kind.

Add frugal to your dictionary for expressing careful and cautious spending. It can be associated with a simple meal, saving of time and resources or prudent usage of money.

There is a thin line of difference between being frugal and being cheap or miserly. Frugal has a positive connotation where as being miserly has a negative one.

Frugal: Other Grammatical Forms

Frugally (adverb)

Frugality (noun)

Frugalness (noun)


Frugal in a Sentence Examples

1) If she thinks she is being frugal in her wedding preparations, she is lying to herself. She must have already spent a lot.

2) Her husband made the wrong choice by being frugal over the purchase of his wife’s wedding ring. He should have gifted her wholeheartedly.


3) Frugal organizations ensure that they don’t waste money on buying things that they can get second hand.

4) One of the main advantages of being frugal when you are young is that you are lesser likely to get into debt and live with reasonable financial freedom for the rest of your life.

5) A marriage in which one partner is frugal and the other one is a spendthrift is the perfect combination for trouble.

6) Some people think he is frugal but his wife thinks he is just miserly.

7) The snobbish restaurant was not expected to do well because it was located in an area which was mostly populated by frugal students.

8) She is the kind of woman who wouldn’t mind if her boyfriend took her out on a frugal date, as long he could show her a good time.

9) The story packed a punch because of its frugal yet meaningful dialogue.

10) The government cannot claim to be frugal if it is spending trillions on purchasing ammunition from other countries.


Frugally in a Sentence Examples

1) If he doesn’t live frugally, he is likely to run out of money very soon. After that happens, I have no intention to help him.

2) Because his parents were stinking rich, he never learnt how to live frugally. He cannot be expected to change his lifestyle overnight.

3) Living frugally is the only option people have in the devastated economy. No one can afford to exhaust their savings.


4) It is because her husband lost his job that she had decided to start living frugally and cancel her expensive gym membership.

5) Planning your shopping sprees according to upcoming sales or offers is a good way of living frugally.

6) If my parents didn’t live frugally all their lives, I would have had no money to do the things I’ve loved doing.

7) There is no point in spending frugally on eating out if our cab fare to get to the low-cost restaurant turns out to be more expensive.

8) The best way of driving your car frugally is to replace it with a bicycle. The idea may sound preposterous, but it is being adapted by many people across the world.

9) Monks survive frugally because they believe that material attachments cause pain, suffering and disappointments in the longer run.

10) Unlike popular belief, you don’t need to give up your favorite things to live frugally. You just need to make small tweaks to your existing habits that are wasteful.

Frugality in a Sentence Examples

1) The frugality with which he lived even though he was a millionaire served as an inspiring example for youngsters.

2) The mother was very careful about her spending habits in front of her son because she wanted him to acquire a sense of frugality.

3) As a student living in a foreign country you will have to adapt frugality in all aspects of your lifestyle, whether it means eating out less often or looking for cheaper alternatives to everything.

4) Sometimes, my father’s frugality crosses the line when he puts money before his family’s happiness.

5) Even if he wins a lottery, he is so stubborn that he won’t quit living with frugality. He will continue driving his rickety car and live in his dilapidated house.


6) Why resort to extreme frugality towards the end of the each month when you can divide your spending equitably over a period of a few weeks?

7) The website became popular because it offered readers an insight into a life lived with utmost frugality.

8) It is amazing to see how people forget frugality as they grow richer. It’s as if having more money compels them to spend more.

9) Most parents want their kids to have virtues of honesty and hard work, but my parents wanted me to have the virtue of frugality.

10) The point of the assignment themed recycling was to teach young kids the concept of frugality.

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