Frivolous in a Sentence

What does frivolous mean? It means somebody that is totally unconcerned are certainly lacks the seriousness of any purpose in his or her life.

Noun: -frivolousness

Adjective: -unfrivolous

Sentence Examples: –

  • It was always due to the frivolous spending of my mother that my father could not save any money at the end of the day.
  • When you’re thinking about getting a frivolous apology, it is important that you remember it might not be sincere. So, take it in your stride.
  • It is mainly to students that do not study for the examinations that think about it being frivolous. However, they fail to remember that the tests are reflective of the intelligence.
  • Once the judge took notice of the lawsuit which was extremely frivolous, he ended up dismissing the case without any kind of afterthought.
  • When you find that the complaint towards you is frivolous, it is important that you shrug it off instead of trying to find out the explanation behind it. It may be the work of mysterious people behind your back.

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