How to Use Garrulous in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Garrulous in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Garrulous, Garrulously, Garrulousness and Garrulity.

Garrulous: Definition and Meaning

Garrulous (adjective) means extremely talkative or chatty.

The meaning refers to a person who talks incessantly without taking a pause. Such talk involves more of a casual chat rather than a meaningful conversation. Sometimes, a garrulous person keeps talking on for the sake of it.

Form a sentence with the word garrulous to suggest that a person has a gift of the gab.

Associate the word with a person who talks enough to entertain others throughout a trip or someone who talks continuously to the extent of annoying others in office.

Garrulous: Other Grammatical Forms

Garrulously (adverb)

Garrulousness (noun)

Garrulity (noun)


Garrulous in a Sentence Examples

1) When you have a garrulous bunch of friends to accompany you on a trip, books or music aren’t required at all.

2) He is so garrulous that he would find silence irritating, annoying and intolerable.

3) There’s always something new to learn from my garrulous neighbor who chats me up every time I meet him in the driveway.

4) While the wife is extremely garrulous and affable, the husband is quiet and an introvert. People sarcastically call them a match made in heaven.

5) The party was full of garrulous people who managed to have a great time even though they didn’t know each other.

6) The couple made a garrulous entrance at the party and let everyone know that they were mad about each other.

7) The presentation was very garrulous. It should have had more images, diagrams and other forms of visual representation.

8) They are a garrulous bunch but that doesn’t mean they make sense when they talk. Most of it is gibberish anyway.

9) I can make friends with strangers but I can’t suddenly become garrulous.

10) Although she is my best friend sometimes I hate her because she is so garrulous. The high pitch of her voice combined with her never-ending chatter can really become annoying at times.

Garrulously in a Sentence Examples

1) They chatted garrulously through the train journey, not bothering to see the beautiful landscape outside the window.

2) They spoke garrulously about the prevention of AIDS, a cause which was very close to their heart.

3) We were welcomed garrulously with prompt introductions to people who we didn’t know.

4) The article was written garrulously and it wasn’t likely to attract that attention of young readers for who it was meant.

5) My mother was garrulously happy and couldn’t stop screaming at the top of her voice. If someone else saw her, they would think she is mad.

6) He was drunk and garrulously so. He couldn’t stop talking about his ex-girlfriend until the wee hours of morning.

7) It was his tendency to talk garrulously when he was depressed. That could be his emotional outlet and coping mechanism.

8) She garrulously and profusely acknowledged and thanked all the people who had been with her in the team and made the project possible.

9) My father was so garrulously happy for me that he started calling all my family members to express his happiness.

10) They advocated their proposal so garrulously that everyone was convinced about their good intentions.


Garrulousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Their garrulousness kept us entertained throughout the trip. If not for them, we would have been thoroughly bored.

2) His garrulousness is the reason many people get really annoyed by him. Maybe he should learn how to stay quiet for some time.

3) The garrulousness of most news channels makes it difficult to believe the genuineness of the news they broadcast.

4) My boss is famous for his garrulousness and the way in which he can talk to his employees about the most random and irrelevant of things.

5) Don’t get intimidated by their garrulousness. Once they know you better, they will share all the gossip with you too.

Garrulity in a Sentence Examples

1) One of the reasons we call them home so often is that we enjoy their garrulity and cheerfulness.

2) If it wasn’t for our mindless garrulity, our secrets wouldn’t have been made public news by now.

3) Garrulity is supposed to be one of the important attributes of a good sales person in any industry.

4) Considering that he was a radio jockey, garrulity was expected to be one of his strong points.

5) The garrulity of his outbursts was not only entertaining, but laced with quotable quotes and funny witticisms.

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