Garish in a Sentence

What does garish mean? It means something that is pretty crude, something that is excessively colorful and elaborate.

Noun: -garishness

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is with a garish show of money that she has been able to keep the neighbors under a leash.
  • It is the hip hop artists that have a garish sense of wearing jewelry that does not suit them, and it only leads to a false sense of entitlement amongst the people following the art of hip-hop.
  • If you are to wear that garish jewelry for that event, then I would not like to go out with you.
  • Upon winning his insurance claims, Jon went downtown to purchase a garish car, and it was one of the poorest choices of judgment that I have ever seen in recent times.
  • You should wear a dress that is appropriate for a social convention, not something that is garish.
  • Even after the renovations were conducted in the church, one could see that there were a lot of changes that would garish and truly out of its place.

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