How to use Inherent in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Inherent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Inherent and Inherently.

Inherent Sentence,Definition and Meaning with Examples

Inherent (adjective) means intrinsic, fundamental or essential.

It refers to a quality or attribute which exists as a permanent, inseparable and instinctive part of something.

In a person, it can refer to a quality which cannot be changed.

Create a sentence with the word inherent to suggest something basic, built-in or implicit. For example, the right to speak up, a diamond watch being expensive, the danger present in skydiving and rebellion in a teenager are things that are inherent.

Inherent: Other Grammatical Forms

Inherently (adverb)

Inherent in a Sentence Examples

1) Working 9 to 5 is an inherent part of doing a corporate job. If you’re not ready for this rigmarole, think before you sign the dotted line of the contract.

2) Although there were many inherent risks in the project, he made a decision to plunge in it and emerge successful.

3) Even if they don’t say it aloud, there seems to be an inherent bias against people of color in this country.

4) There is an inherent problem in this grand and elaborate proposition – we have no money.

5) I can sense an inherent protest brewing amongst students of the university.

6) If you go to meet her with inherent prejudice in your mind, you will never like her. So have an open mind.

7) Overlooking such a glaringly inherent risk of the business venture would be a thing of foolishness for you.

8) She has an inherent knack of picking out the right people for the job. She should have been in HR.

9) She has an inherent ability of being eloquent and getting her way with words even if there is no substance in what she says.

10) I don’t need to tell you that you should give your opinion too. That’s an inherent right.

11) For some reason, there is an inherent association of luxury with yachts. No one has ever seen a worn-out yacht with corroded floorings.

12) He has an indescribable and inherent love for restoring vintage cars. It seems to have stemmed from living with his grandfather who was antiques dealer.

13) He may be lazy right now but his inherent hard-working nature will come to the forefront when he goes to college.

14) The inherent purpose of science is to aid the progress of humanity, not suggest ways and means to destruction.

15) Mastering mathematics is an inherent part of being a statistician. Without numbers, learning the subject is just not possible.

Inherently in a Sentence Examples

1) I’ve always inherently hated the smell of broccoli because I associate it with food to be eaten in times of sickness.

2) She is inherently charming. Maybe that is why men flock to her even though she doesn’t even bother to be nice.

3) This place will always be inherently associated with lewdness because there used to be a cheap bar with brazen drunkards here at some point in time.

4) Since hazelnuts are inherently sweet, you won’t need to add extra sugar to this dessert.

5) Why do you want to publish an article on a subject which is so inherently controversial?

6) Changing the mindsets of uneducated villagers is going to be inherently difficult because you won’t be able to communicate with them in the first place.

7) The reason why she is promoting the concept of going green is because she inherently believes in environmental preservation.

8) She put up the facade of being an enigmatic personality who was inherently mysterious, silent and low-key.

9) The show with its caricatures and lame jokes is inherently stupid, distasteful and repulsive.

10) Although she is half Asian and half French by birth, she seems to be inherently American because she has spent most of her life in the United States.

11) She assumed his mother to be inherently open-minded as she was well-educated and brought up in a wealthy family.

12) Intervening in government machinery is an inherently difficult and odious thing to do. You know how incredibly slow and lackadaisical they are, don’t you?

13) Why do you doubt the inherent goodness of people? Just because you’ve had one bad experience with someone does not mean that you will have bad experiences with everyone.

14) The building of the shipyard poses inherent environmental threats which the government is conveniently overlooking.

15) My mother considered lying to be inherently wrong. She never bothered to see what the context was.

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