Hilarious: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Hilarious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Hilarious, Hilariously and Hilarity.

Hilarious Definition and Meaning with Examples: what does hilarious mean

Hilarious (adjective) refers to something which is extremely funny.

The word can be used to describe the kind of laughter than leaves people in splits or gives them an ache in the stomach.

In conversation hilarious is typically used wherever the word funny fails to encapsulate high amount of humor in situation or a person.

Add hilarious to your vocabulary by using it to describe intense laughter or merriment. It can be associated with a comical statement, stupid joke, amusing antic or rib-tickling behavior.

Hilarious: Other Grammatical Forms

Hilariously (adverb)

Hilarity (noun)

Hilariousness (noun)

Hilarious in a Sentence Examples

1) The way in which the little boy kept burping artificially was hilarious. Everyone was amused to watch him do so.

2) The hilarious act marked the tenth year of the stand-up comedian in the business. The show went on to win rave reviews.

3) It would be hilarious to see how the toddler crawls out from underneath the blankets that have smothered him.

4) It was hilarious for most people to see the clown slip on stage, but for me it was painful because the clown was my brother.

5) The grand finale of the sitcom got high ratings because it was hilarious. I have never seen such a funny episode in my whole life.

6) The story wasn’t that funny but the way in which she narrated it was hilarious. She was a born raconteur.

7) What was more hilarious than the humor was the fact that he didn’t understand it and was still trying to feign laughter.

8) On one level, the student’s ignorance about his coursework was hilarious. But on another level, it was a very serious matter.

9) It was hilarious to see boss struggling to find a way to get out of a sticky situation with his seniors. In fact, I took sadistic pleasure in witnessing such a situation.

10) The thing about most genuinely hilarious people is that they remain expressionless while others laugh at their witticisms.

Hilariously in a Sentence Examples

1) His hilariously funny jokes accompanied with a little bit of a slapstick demonstration made for a fun and entertaining evening.

2) My colleague has a flair for making hilariously sarcastic remarks that most people don’t even understand.

3) Her wit was hilariously unique. Every line she uttered was laden with intelligent humor.

4) That cat hilariously chased the battery-operated mouse which was being moved around the living room by the little boy.

5) The gentleman petted his moustache hilariously while he spoke. I think people were laughing more at his little idiosyncrasy than his jokes.

6) The student acted in the most hilariously stupid way by telling his teacher the dog ate his homework. This isn’t an excuse you would expect from a ninth grader.

7) All the friends wanted to get together for a sleepover and spend the night watching hilariously daft movies.

8) My colleague was famous for belting out stupid office stories one after the other, albeit hilariously enough to keep everyone entertained.

9) The author’s writing style was so hilariously intelligent that it became one of those books that snooty literature students read.

10) Most internet memes these days are hilariously ridiculous. Who has the time to take pictures of themselves in odd poses?

Hilarity in a Sentence Examples

1) Add hilarity to your home video by featuring a cat or a dog doing cute things that appeal to every age group.

2) Hilarity ensued for almost an hour after the party ended. Everyone was remembering the jokes she cracked all evening.

3) The gravity of life must be treated with as much respect as the hilarity it has to offer sometimes.

4) The hilarity of the evening mainly stemmed from the crazy things that people did after they got buzzed.

5) All the hilarity made me curl up and laugh so hard that my stomach started paining after a while.

6) Learn to add some hilarity and wittiness to your conversation if you want to attract women because one of the things they appreciate in men is a sense of humor.

7) Expect uncontrollable hilarity after watching the film – this is how the film critic reviewed the movie which opened last week.

8) The hilarity of the play was occasionally marked by sarcasm, mainly to prove a didactic point to the rural audiences.

9) Immersed in a bout of mindless hilarity, the students were having a good time at their graduation party.

10) While most people enjoyed the hilarity of the situation, the person who became the butt of the joke drowned in embarrassment.

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