How to use Idiosyncrasy in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Idiosyncrasy in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Idiosyncrasy, Idiosyncratic and Idiosyncratically.

Idiosyncrasy Definition and Meaning with Examples

Idiosyncrasy (noun) refers to an odd behavioral trait or a distinctive characteristic. It is a type of eccentricity in a person or thing which becomes its distinguishing point from the rest.

Idiosyncrasy can be used for animate and inanimate things.

Make idiosyncrasy a part of your vocabulary by using it to describe an oddity, individualistic feature, a weird habit, distinct attribute or strange quirk.

Although this word can be used in a positive and negative way, it is generally associated to express a negative connotation.

Idiosyncrasy: Other Grammatical Forms

Idiosyncratic (adjective)

Idiosyncratically (adverb)

Idiosyncratical (adjective)

Idiosyncrasy in a Sentence Examples

1) By allowing him to organize your book shelf, you are only feeding his idiosyncrasy of arranging everything by height.

2) He is a genius and a scientist. No wonder her has so many idiosyncrasies.

3) Did you know about the artist’s idiosyncrasy of wearing yellow on all Tuesdays?

4) I thank my parents for having tolerated me for so many years inspite of my idiosyncrasies.

5) The latest version of this software is full of its little idiosyncrasies.

6) The art house film director’s personal idiosyncrasies are clearly reflected in the style of the film.

7) Bathing only at night is an idiosyncrasy like no other.

8) My boss is famous for her idiosyncrasy of proof reading every single document that reaches her desk, even if it has already been proof read by her subordinates.

9) I don’t know whether her habit of arranging clothes according to color and pattern is her idiosyncrasy or a trace of obsessive compulsive disorder.

10) What sets this fashionable brand apart from others are its idiosyncratic designs, patters and cuts.

Idiosyncratic in a Sentence Examples

1) His idiosyncratic habit of playing music while working irked everyone in the office.

2) It is because of my son’s idiosyncratic dislike of odd numbers that we are not buying the house which has number 11 in its address.

3) The best part about the book was the way in which the writer described the dysfunctional family’s idiosyncratic interaction with the society.

4) All the employees secretly laughed at the boss’s idiosyncratic habit of wearing his lucky tie before an important meeting.

5) The kind of clothes you wear make your idiosyncratic disposition very apparent.

6) The idiosyncratic temperament of extremely intelligent people makes them very difficult to deal with on a personal level.

7) Your idiosyncratic style of talking in archaic English bewilders everyone.

8) The way he keeps talking to different people in different accents is so idiosyncratic.

9) Using air quotes on every other word has become a part of my mother’s idiosyncratic behavior.

10) Standing out from the crowd because of your idiosyncratic actions is not always a good thing.

Idiosyncratically in a Sentence Examples

1) Wealth can make a person behave more idiosyncratically.

2) When celebrities behave idiosyncratically, it tends to become a fad.

3) Talking idiosyncratically is the signature style of many actors who claim to be artistic and non-conformist.

4) He picked up all the forks and spoons from the table and idiosyncratically arranged them in a straight line.

5) It dawned upon her that her husband had begun acting more idiosyncratically than their courtship years.

6) The machine works idiosyncratically. Sometimes it does the job perfectly and other times, it just refuses to boot up.

7) It is perfectly alright to behave idiosyncratically if you are a famous or successful person because everything is conveniently accepted.

8) People may conduct themselves idiosyncratically when they want attention from others.

9) Politicians who opine idiosyncratically always tend to be in the news for the wrong reasons.

10) Writing so idiosyncratically will not make your work catch a publisher’s eye. You may have to appease them by confirming to popular narrative styles.

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