Histrionic in a sentence

What does histrionic  mean?: -Dramatically, theatrical in character

Noun: -nonhistrionicalness

Adjective: -nonhistrionic

Sentence Examples: –

  • When Jack is not on his medication, he has histrionic outbursts that can certainly shake any person to his core.
  • The histrionic screaming of the widow only exemplifies how much pain the person is in.
  • The histrionics of the child not only spoils the mood of everybody in the theatre, but it is highly irresponsible of the parents to bring such a child to the theatre.
  • While the Circus clown did not have any kind of jokes to tell, his histrionics certainly brought the entire crowd down with a fit of laughter.
  • Everybody wanted to have a glimpse at the actor and he was a histrionic manner that the people just let him be.
  • Everybody likes to have somebody that they can relate to, not somebody that they would have to deal with on a constant basis due to the histrionics.
  • There are many people that delve into the histrionics displayed by the actor when it comes to playing a dramatic role.

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