Aficionado in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Aficionado in a sentence:- Examples of Aficionado Sentence.

Aficionado Definition and Meaning with Examples

Aficionado (noun) means connoisseur, enthusiast or fan.

The word can be used to describe a person who is a great lover, appreciator or admirer of something. It could be art, wine, food, sports, music or anything else of a person’s choice or interest.

An aficionado can also refer to a person who is an expert on a particular subject or activity.

The word can be used in a serious way to ascribe authority or in a light-hearted way to call a person a crazy fanatic or buff.

Aficionado: Other Grammatical Forms


Aficionado in a Sentence Examples

1) I haven’t seen another wine aficionado like him who can drink wine even at three in the morning.

2) As a gastronome, sports enthusiast and coffee aficionado, you have many options for holidaying in the most exotic of places.

3) She has obscure and whimsical tastes, because of which I am not surprised that she is an aficionado of rare Latin books.

4) Since she is a Sudoku aficionado, she finds it very easy to pass time when she is traveling all by herself.

5) The exhibition was highly appreciated by my father. This came as a surprise because he was not an art aficionado at all.

6) My boss calls himself a golf aficionado. He does that only to network with the rest of his colleagues in the industry who play golf.

7) Luckily, our tour guide was also a beer aficionado who told us amazing things about the beer industry while giving us a tour of the famous Australian brewery.

8) He loves visiting Chicago because he is a jazz and blues aficionado. Spending time in jazz clubs listening to live performances is his favorite thing to do.

9) He is nothing more than an aficionado of everything elite. The only thing he does all day is to hobnob with the rich and famous.

10) He is the right person to review the movie because he is a movie aficionado who is familiar with all genres of films.

11) If you want to know more about the preparation of snails, ask him because he is an aficionado of French cuisine.

12) My husband is an aficionado of exotic teas and loves visiting countries that have an abundance of tea plantations.

13) Since he is a baseball aficionado, he will love a bat signed by a famous baseball player as a gift on his birthday. Baseball fans are crazy about this kind of memorabilia.

14) My son was ecstatic when he got a PlayStation for his birthday because he has always been a gaming aficionado.

15) He hates it when someone calls him a travel junkie. He likes being called an aficionado instead.

16) If you are an aficionado of the dramatic and performing arts, New York will be an exciting place for you to visit.

17) The travel show covers everything that would be of interest to a person who calls himself or herself an aficionado of luxury and good living.

18) The food magazine covered the ingredients that an aficionado would use to make a beautiful dish.

19) Since my son is a sports aficionado, I have suggested Sports Management or Sports Physiotherapy to him as a career option.

20) Being a history aficionado, my teacher makes her lectures extremely inspiring by including folklores and other anecdotes related to historical events.

21) He may be willing to shell out the money for the ridiculously expensive painting because he is an art aficionado.

22) He loves taking pictures of the most the random things and spends hours correcting them digitally. I haven’t seen a photography aficionado like him anywhere else.

23) If you call yourself a design aficionado, you ought to visit the latest touring exhibition going on at the local museum.

24) She is a polo aficionado who owns a team which plays at local and national levels.

25) My best friend is an Origami and Ikebana aficionado. In fact, she likes everything Japanese.

26) It’s amazing how people call my mother a cello aficionado, but they call me a heavy metal freak. Why such discrimination through words?

27) One board game is enough to make my father a happy man because he is an aficionado who loves everything from Chess to Monopoly to Sequence.

28) I don’ think there is a term called street food aficionado, but my son living in Bangkok likes to call himself that because that’s what he does all the time – eat from streetside stalls.

29) He took to go karting just a few months back and now he likes it so much that he calls himself an aficionado.

30) As a bookworm and a poetry aficionado, she is likely to have a better vocabulary than most of her friends.

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