Whimsical in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Whimsical in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Whimsical, Whimsicality and Whimsically.

Whimsical Definition and Meaning with Examples

Whimsical (adjective) means unpredictable, quirky or odd. It is usually used to express randomness in behavior, temperamental moods, unreliable actions, unstable patterns or fickle nature.

In conversation it is commonly used to describe the stereotype of a person who is extremely artistic, genius, moody or overtly self-indulgent.

Add whimsical to your vocabulary by using it to convey an oddity or arbitrariness in a person, thing, emotion or idea.

Whimsical can have a negative connotation when it is used to describe a person who is unreliable.

Whimsical: Other Grammatical Forms

Whimsicality (noun)

Whimsically (adverb)

Whimsical in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t trust her with valuable or confidential information because she is very whimsical.

2) Most scientists are stereotyped to be whimsical people.

3) Don’t blame my husband for forgetting simple things. He has always been a whimsical person.

4) The comedian has a whimsical sense of humor which has offended many people.

5) Her whimsical drawings remind of me of abstract art which doesn’t make much sense to me.

6) The businessman’s whimsical decisions did a lot of damage to his business and confused many of his employees.

7) The only reason I love that website is because it has a good collection of whimsical gift items for all age groups.

8) Have you become so whimsical that you cannot even remember what I told you two minutes back?

9) The weather of London is so whimsical that one minute it is sunny and the next minute it rains.

10) I don’t expect a straightforward movie from a whimsical director like him.

Whimsicality in a Sentence Examples

1) His whimsicality has increased by leaps and bounds because of the trauma he suffered on the event of his mother’s death.

2) There was a charm about his whimsicality that made him more attractive instead of repulsive.

3) If not for her whimsicality, we wouldn’t have made a last minute change in our plans.

4) Our teacher is famous for her whimsicality because she does exactly the opposite of what she says.

5) The psychedelic decor of his house seemed appropriate because it reflected the whimsicality of his personality.

6) His designs have a lot of creative whimsicality, but they are practical to a great extent too. That is what wins him a lot of awards.

7) While some thought that her whimsicality was funny, I just thought it was downright appalling.

8) Many geniuses are full of whimsicality but the not every whimsical person is necessarily a genius.

9) It is impossible to run a business with a partner who is so full of whimsicality.

10) She is able to work her whimsicality to her advantage only because she in an accomplished artist.

Whimsically in a Sentence Examples

1) The book was written whimsically, with no proper beginning, middle or end.

2) If she continues to make decisions whimsically, I won’t be able to trust her to complete the project successfully.

3) She smirked whimsically at me and that increased the ambiguity of the conversation even more.

4) His whimsically churned out one idea after another, but none of them made any sense.

5) Although he behaves whimsically, he is a very truthful person.

6) It was not courteous on his part to talk whimsically in such a grave situation.

7) She cooks whimsically. Sometimes she makes scrumptious meals and other times her preparations are totally unappetizing.

8) When bosses are not in a good mood, they tend to whimsically dismiss even the best of ideas.

9) She talked whimsically the other day because she was slightly drunk. Otherwise, she always displays good etiquette.

10) She was ousted from the choir because she sang whimsically. Her pitch and intonation varied every single day.

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