How to use Prowess in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Prowess in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Prowess.

Prowess Definition and Meaning with Examples

Prowess (noun) means talent or skill in a certain activity, hobby, task or field. Its original meaning refers to bravery and heroism shown during battle. But in the modern context, it is used to describe a person’s mastery or expertise in something.

Include prowess in your daily conversation by using to express a person’s natural flair or acquired proficiency in any field. Associate it with a talented sportsperson, good performing artist, skilled technician, proficient colleague or a person having any other exceptional ability.

Prowess: Other Grammatical Forms


Prowess in a Sentence Examples

1) My colleague’s prowess lies in manipulating conversations to his selfish advantage.

2) The battle was a display of the king’s prowess in warfare. In reality, there was no reason to wage a war with such a peaceful community.

3) His prowess as a guitarist was indisputable. He was one of the best the world had ever seen.

4) Even as a child, she showed amazing prowess with numbers. That is when we came to know that he was a prodigy.

5) The IT prowess of the organization was highly envied by all its competitors who were constantly trying to steal their employees.

6) He has not only proved his prowess as a sportsperson, but he has also shown the world that he is a good human being.

7) My daughter revealed her negotiating prowess when I saw her haggling at the flea market for the first time.

8) More than his acting prowess, the film capitalized on his physique and good looks.

9) The filmmaker has taken a wrong decision by directing a big budget magnum opus, because his prowess actually lies in making documentaries.

10) Science has not been able to answer the complex question regarding the origin of talent and prowess in human beings. They don’t know whether it is influenced intrinsically or extrinsically.

11) The prowess required in managing a home is much more than what people think. Unfortunately, being a homemaker is the most underrated job ever.

12) Mathematical prowess, a calm state of mind and quick thinking are the qualities required to win this quiz.

13) The student’s remarkable writing prowess gave his teacher an idea to gift him a library membership on his birthday.

14) My colleague’s prowess in Microsoft Excel was unbeatable. Everyone went to him if they had any problems with their excel sheets.

15) His oratory prowess doesn’t just make him the perfect spokesperson for our group, but also the ideal champion for our cause which needs strong leadership.

16) The young girl showed great prowess and interest in the art of embroidery. She might have inherited this talent from her mother who is a great artist too.

17) The professor put a great deal of effort in making his students converse eloquently in Spanish. He wanted them to be able to flaunt their prowess to others.

18) Parents should do everything it takes to help their kids recognize where their prowess lies – whether it is in sports, academics, performing arts or other activities.

19) The war proved the emperor’s prowess, but at the cost of the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children.

20) Her prowess in the arts is not just limited to painting or drawing. He also demonstrates expertise in garden landscaping and interior decorating.

21) I did not recognize my own writing prowess until I was forcefully made to enter an essay competition by my teacher.

22) My husband’s carpentry prowess was very useful when we were redecorating our house as he was able to offer suggestions for making all our furniture more ergonomic.

23) Parents should never compare the prowess of their two children because every child has unique abilities. Comparisons can only cause more frustration between the two.

24) You should enter a singing competition as it will help you to use your prowess to attain fame and money if you win.

25) Apart from excelling in fencing, swimming, playing the piano and cheerleading, she was also a wonderful cook. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had yet another prowess hidden in her kitty.

26) He is known to be the most preferred of all celebrities because of his unrivalled prowess of reading people’s minds.

27) The clients had a fall out with our company because we lied about our technical prowess in assembling machines.

28) The tarot card reader’s prowess in telling the future accurately earned him much fame and fortune throughout the world.

29) He did the right thing by quitting his job because it was all about doing menial tasks and it undermined his academic prowess.

30) The absolute brilliance of this monument owes itself to the prowess of all the craftsmen who engraved its facade so intricately.

  • Joanna has a hunting prowess that has led her to survive in any part of the world without coming across any troubles from my life.
  • Galileo was known to have a prowess in various fields, and he was clearly a prodigy in the best possible sense for those times.
  • When you have a prowess for writing, why don’t you seek the help of a publisher to publish your novels?
  • The prowess of a babysitter to ensure the best care for the child is something that every parent would want to see.
  • When you have a natural talent and prowess for bringing about good battle plans, why not use that skill in your competitive gaming abilities?
  • If you want to become a professor, you would have to increase your prowess on mathematics.
  • Learn to complement others that have a natural prowess towards some field rather than sulk at everything.

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