How to use Benevolent in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Benevolent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Benevolent, Benevolence and Benevolently.

Benevolent: Meaning and Definition

Benevolent (adjective) means kind or compassionate.

It refers to a person or an act which is extremely generous or caring in nature.

Any act of goodwill, charity or generosity can be termed as benevolent whether it is giving some money to a homeless or doing overtime without pay just to help a colleague.

Make benevolent a part of your vocabulary by using it as a synonym for good-naturedness or graciousness. It is usually associated with a magnanimous person, philanthropic organization, act of goodwill or sympathetic behavior.

Benevolent: Other Grammatical Forms

Benevolence (noun)

Benevolently (adverb)

Benevolentness (adverb)

Benevolent in a Sentence Examples

1) Always be benevolent towards people who are less privileged than you.

2) The good work that they have done over the years has earned them the reputation of being a benevolent organization.

3) His benevolent, wrinkled face always reminds me of my grandfather who was known to be a very nice man.

4) The businessman was benevolent enough to donate ten million dollars to the educational sector.

5) We congratulate the team that has helped the community to generate funds for a benevolent purpose such as providing shelter to the needy.

6) The benevolent teacher taught weak students for two hours after school at absolutely no cost.

7) My sister’s pet dog is very playful, disciplined and benevolent towards little children.

8) Although it is very benevolent of you to make me such a gracious offer, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass.

9) Santa gives gifts only to those kids who have been benevolent throughout the year.

10) Benevolent attitudes don’t always work for businessmen. Sometimes they are forced to be shrewd and practical.

Benevolence in a Sentence Examples

1) His benevolence and sophisticated upbringing impressed me more than his wealth.

2) The politician did not approve the generous grant for the poor out of his benevolence. He did that because he wanted to grow his vote bank.

3) Don’t be misguided by his benevolence. His goodness generally has a clandestine motive.

4) Some people take advantage of other people’s benevolence.

5) Donations are not the only means to show your benevolence to the cause you support. Even your participation can make a difference.

6) Don’t take the benevolence of your guardians for granted. Everyone is not lucky enough to find such lovely people as caretakers.

7) The benevolence of the little girl towards injured animals touched my heart deeply.

8) Sometimes his excess benevolence makes me doubt the genuineness of his character and intentions.

9) Although he was a stern and stoic boss, there were hidden traces of benevolence in him.

10) I was thinking of a way in which I could return the benevolence she showered on our community.

Benevolently in a Sentence Examples

1) He benevolently offered to drop me all the way home after the office party got over in the wee hours of morning.

2) She is the daughter of a rich man. There was no need for her to behave benevolently with me but she still did.

3) The monk smiled benevolently as the child came upto him and asked for a bowl of milk.

4) The angel blessed the little boy benevolently for the good deeds he had done.

5) She looked at the wounded puppy benevolently, but didn’t step out of the car to actually help it.

6) The statue of the priest was so huge, it seemed like it was looking down benevolently towards all the people walking on the street.

7) It was mighty dignified of her to talk to us benevolently even after we betrayed her trust.

8) The store manager wouldn’t have acted so benevolently if she wasn’t in a wheelchair.

9) The kids were made to benevolently distribute gifts to the underprivileged during the festive season.

10) She contributed to the project benevolently, even though she knew that wasn’t going to be credited for it.

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