How to use Lucid in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Lucid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Lucid, Lucidly, Lucidity and Lucidness.

Lucid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Lucid (adjective) means clear and articulate. It refers to communication which is straightforward and easy to understand.

The word also refers to the capability of thinking with clarity in the middle of confusion or chaos.

In psychology, it refers to the awareness of dreaming which makes the dream feel like a real experience.

Lucid can also be used to describe something which is transparent or bright.

Use the word to suggest comprehensibleness or rationality. Thinking clearly, giving direct explanations and talking sharply are examples of being lucid. It can also refer to a bright sky or a poignant dream.

Lucid: Other Grammatical Forms

Lucidly (adverb)

Lucidity (noun)

Lucidness (noun)

Lucid in a Sentence Examples

1) Her writing is lucid but that’s not enough. To become a published author, she needs a gift of the gab too.

2) I had a very lucid dream yesterday. It was so real that I still have to pinch myself to believe that it wasn’t true.

3) She looked down the tunnel and all she saw was a lucid light. It must have been an apparition.

4) The group of friends chose a perfectly lucid day to go out for a drive and enjoy a day in the sun at the beach.

5) As long as she remains lucid in the middle of all this confusion, she will be fine. If she gets nervous, she will be in trouble.

6) The diagrams were drawn haphazardly and the images were placed randomly in the essay. The teacher was disappointed because she expected her star student’s presentation to be lucid.

7) The cop could not take a statement from the man because he was bleeding and his pain made his speech far from lucid.

8) The lucid landscape and the glittering lights inspired him to pen one of his most beautiful poems ever.

9) He is a perfect candidate for anchoring the show because his oratory style is lucid and he can talk in an extempore manner.

10) Nothing in this word can ruffle his calm. He will remain lucid even in the middle of an earthquake or a tornado.

Lucidly in a Sentence Examples

1) Much to the manager’s surprise, it was the youngest member of the team who made the presentation lucidly.

2) She excused herself from the meeting because she needed a few moments to herself to be able to think lucidly.

3) The contract was drafted lucidly enough for any lay person to understand.

4) Most of these manuscripts are very difficult to read because they are not written lucidly, but in heavy and archaic language.

5) The capacity to think lucidly is one the most important qualities that a person can show in times of crisis.

6) It was amazing to see how she could speak so lucidly with such restraint even after being so drunk.

7) My mother always told me to take a moment and think lucidly before showing anger. She said that words uttered once cannot be taken back.

8) His father decided to take him to a speech therapist because he observed that I was speaking less lucidly day after day.

9) The way he charted out his exit strategy from the business proves that he can think lucidly even when he is losing money.

10) The more clarity you will use in your thoughts, the more lucidly you will be able to present yourself.

Lucidity in a Sentence Examples

1) She is everyone’s favorite teacher because she knows how to explain a difficult subject with lucidity.

2) Lucidity of speech is the minister’s specialty. He must back his inspiring words with action so that people don’t lose trust in him.

3) She was silent for a few seconds. After a bout of lucidity, she spoke once again with renewed confidence.

4) In the middle of the raging debate, the anchor showed some lucidity and asked everyone to calm down.

5) The lucidity of the sky inspired her to paint it on her canvas. She wanted to see if she was successful in replicating Nature’s beauty.

Lucidness in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though he lied, he did with so much lucidness that it was easily believable.

2) You will have to get into the habit of speaking with lucidness if you want to get into the field of communications.

3) She explained the problem to her colleagues with such lucidness that everyone was able to understand without asking any questions.

4) I like this author in particular because the lucidness of her prose makes it palatable to children too.

5) The lucidness with which the businessman spoke about the acidity of wine convinced me that he was a wine aficionado.

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