How to use pensive in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use pensive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of pensive, pensively and pensiveness.

Pensive (adjective) means thoughtful, brooding or pondering. It can be used to describe a person’s mood, emotion or action which involves deep musing or meditative contemplation. In some contexts, pensive can also be used to express grimness or seriousness.

Add pensive to your vocabulary to paint a picture of person who is deep in thought or who seems intensely reflective. A person staring out of the window immersed in thought is an image that perfectly encapsulates the meaning of the word pensive.

Pensive: Other grammatical forms

Pensively (adverb)

Pensiveness (noun)

Pensive: Sentence examples

1) My boss sat in his cabin alone, bearing a fake smile on his pensive face. We knew that something was constantly bothering him.

2) Considering that grimness of the poem, it may be safe to assume that the poet must have been very pensive when he wrote it.

3) His pensive look told me that he wasn’t convinced by what I said. He was subconsciously thinking about an alternative.

4) The actor found it difficult to hold a pensive expression in front of the camera just after the director cracked a joke.

5) The film was very pensive, not exactly the right choice for a person who is looking for some good laughs.

6) The use of dark colors made the painting look very pensive. It felt as if a solemn emotion had gripped the painting.

7) Beautiful melodies of the Chinese flute created a pensive atmosphere in the theater. It left much of the audience in tears too.

8) It was his pensive manner of looking at things that I admired a lot. He always put a lot of thought behind all his actions.

9) His arty dressing, pensive look and sophisticated style charmed me and swept me off my feet. I knew at once that I was smitten by him.

10) Looking at all those old family pictures made him nostalgic and put him in a pensive mood.

Pensively: Sentence examples

1) Looking at the mirror pensively, the detective wondered what could have possibly gone wrong with the case.

2) Because he has no friends, he sat at the bus stop pensively all by himself. That was a really lonesome sight.

3) He had a pensive gaze. Although he was looking at us, it seemed like he was seeing something completely different.

4) The photographer took a beautiful candid shot as he caught the model looking pensively at her hands.

5) The student sat on the pew pensively, getting gradually drawn into the world of religion and faith.

6) The biologist approached the leaf sample pensively because he knew that it was one of its kind, a sample he would never be able to find again.

7) He strutted about the room pensively. After all, he had to make a decision about an important matter of his life.

8) The question was so complex that he was forced to react pensively.

9) Reading how well worded the letter was, I could figure that it was written very pensively.

10) Placing her hands on her chin and looking towards the ceiling, my teacher pensively tried to give me an explanation.

Pensiveness: Sentence examples

1) Her pensiveness filled the air with a peculiar tension. Everyone was waiting for her to say something.

2) My father’s pensiveness was his way of hiding his real emotions.

3) We were made to carry a look of pensiveness at the funeral, although the deceased person was not really close to us.

4) When she lines her eyes with kohl, it adds to the pensiveness of her look. And that is what the director wants for her onscreen look.

5) Her pensiveness on the phone made me realize that some trouble was brewing.

6) After much thought, deliberation and elaborate pensiveness, he carefully replied to my question.

7) After his mother’s untimely death, the only emotion that has been spotted on his face is that of pensiveness.

8) Her pensiveness doesn’t just accompany her in times of solitude, but even when she is among many people.

9) It was not his sickness, but his constant pensiveness which disturbed us all.

10) His pensiveness created an aura of mystery around him.

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