How to use Didactic in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Didactic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Didactic, Didactically and Didacticism.

Didactic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Didactic (adjective) means preachy or moralistic. It usually refers to something which is meant to educate, moralize or instruct.

In most cases, the word didactic carries a negative connotation.

In context, didactic is generally associated with behavioral traits, books, speeches, discourses or other  art forms which whose evident or hidden motive is to instruct or preach.

Use didactic to describe a preachy conversation, overtly academic lecture, pedagogic piece of literature or schoolmasterly way of talking.

Didactic: Other Grammatical Forms

Didactically (adverb)

Didacticism (noun)

Didactical (adjective)

Didactic in a Sentence Examples

1) The teacher deliberately chose a slightly didactic story so that she could entertain and educate kids simultaneously. This was a smart decision that she made.

2) Most mythical stories that seem entertaining at the outset, turn out to be purely didactic on deeper reflection for that this the purpose with which they are written.

3) Texts that attempt to be overtly didactic often put readers off instantly. Instead they should reduce their preachy tone a bit.

4) Considering that it is a didactic play, it might be a good idea to take your kids along. They are at the right juncture of life to learn the important morals of life.

5) Their parenting style is so didactic and controlling that their kids are likely to absorb nothing from them. Instead, they might become rebellious.

6) The critic’s review was more didactic than informative or reflective because he waxed eloquent about how movies should be made.

7) I am tired of my father’s didactic lectures that he doesn’t miss giving me at every possible occasion.

8) Being didactic with your daughter all the time is not going to get you anywhere. Get her to open up to you in an honest way.

9) My teacher is a didactic woman who will leave no stone unturned to ensure that her students become ethical people.

10) Students would like to hear inspiring instead of didactic interviews in their free time.

Didactically in a Sentence Examples

1) The story was written didactically because people needed to renew their faith in good morals and values.

2) The priest didactically communicated to all the churchgoers that what they did was wrong.

3) As long as he doesn’t start talking didactically, the kids will be kept busy and entertained.

4) The film didactically conveyed that couples should do everything possible to keep their marriage so that is doesn’t negatively impact their children.

5) Although didactically given speeches are boring, they are necessary to communicate hard hitting lessons.

6) Most public service ads are written didactically and that is why they end up being so boring.

7) He kept presenting didactically until he had to be stopped and informed by the panel that his presentation needs to have some interesting elements too.

8) The religious content of the seminar was designed didactically with the aim of purging everyone’s souls.

9) There is a limit to how much didactically written literature students can consume.

10) The head of the organization didactically asserted the rules, detailing how all procedures should be henceforth carried out.

Didacticism in a Sentence Examples

1) Her perennial tone of didacticism has taken away from the seriousness of the important things that she wants to say.

2) What is most annoying is the fact that his tone assumes a kind of didacticism even if there is no need to drive a point home.

3) Discourses need to be more enlightening than didactic, for that may draw more readers.

4) It is a challenge to teach someone a lesson without resorting to didacticism.

5) Didacticism in academia is important until an age when a child’s foundation is in the process of becoming strong.

6) I wonder why guides and booklets on public health sponsored by the government are so full of didacticism.

7) If only he involves more student interaction in the classroom, he could tone down his didacticism a bit.

8) It is the didacticism of the film which becomes its Achilles heel.

9) A tone of heavy didacticism may not be appreciated by your subordinates all the time.

10) The science fiction theme of the film and its futuristic treatment diluted whatever little didacticism that it meant to be convey to its audiences.

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