How to use Proclivity in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Proclivity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Proclivity.

Proclivity: Meaning and Definition

Proclivity (noun) means tendency or inclination. It can be used to describe a person’s natural bent towards something.

Anything which is naturally selected or preferred by someone is called proclivity.

Use the word to express disposition, taste or leaning of a person.

A mother’s immediate worry on hearing her child sneeze, politician’s habit of making false claims and a dog’s tendency of wagging its tail when the doorbell rings are all examples of proclivities.

Proclivity: Other Grammatical Forms


Proclivity in a Sentence Examples

1) I am obsessed about my diet because of my proclivity to put on pounds easily.

2) You will never progress in your career if you continue relying on your proclivity to depend on others to get your work done.

3) The chemical’s proclivity to combust at lower temperatures made the scientists wary of using it in their experiments.

4) Don’t expect him to take responsibility because he has a proclivity to blame others for his mistakes.

5) Throughout his career as a filmmaker, the director has shown a proclivity for making gory, horror movies.

6) My pet cat has a proclivity to curl up in my lap every day after I come back home from work.

7) As a scientist, I have a proclivity to look at things from a very logical and practical point of view.

8) My proclivity to be choosy when it comes to food is known to all my friends. They always let me choose when we go out for dinner.

9) Every student had an aversion to their new teacher because of her proclivity to overload them all with homework.

10) The management has a proclivity give meager pay rises. It is not surprising that the company has a high attrition rate.

11) The man’s proclivity to be on the wrong side of the law compelled the judge to hand down a harsh sentence.

12) I am not surprised that she chose to work in fashion. I have known her since she was a little kid and had noted her proclivity to make good sartorial choices.

13) The company promoted him because he had a proclivity of taking decisions that turned out to be highly profitable.

14) I make sure I take the flu vaccine every year because of my proclivity to catch infections easily.

15) Mom and dad think that my sister’s proclivity to sleep late is because she likes to study, but I know that she does nothing but chat with her boyfriend on Skype.

16) Nobody trusted her because of her proclivity to gossip and spread rumors.

17) She has a proclivity to worry unnecessarily about little things that don’t matter.

18) The patient’s proclivity of being allergic to certain drugs hampered the doctor’s treatment plan.

19) I don’t expect him to get into a good college because he has never had a proclivity towards academics.

20) The manager’s proclivity to lose his temper easily scared everyone from having a frank discussion with him.

21) The architect’s proclivity to seek perfection was one of the reasons why he was so successful.

22) The publishing house has a proclivity to shamelessly print intimate pictures of unaware celebrities.

23) I hate my daughter’s proclivity to check her Facebook every two minutes. She is constantly glued to her iPhone.

24) Unlike cats, dogs have a proclivity to be affectionate and loyal to their owners.

25) His proclivity to push things back has caused work to pile up.

26) This particular type of meat cut has a proclivity to cook faster than the regular ones. Make sure you don’t overcook it.

27) After a few days into his first job, he noticed that everyone in the team had a proclivity to make the newbies do all the work.

28) Fans loved hearing about their favorite rock star’s proclivity to work with artists who graduated from the same school as him.

29) Indigo and red are colors that have a proclivity to bleed profusely.

30) He has a proclivity to speak gibberish when he feels nervous and has nothing to say.

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