How to use Ecstatic in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Ecstatic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ecstatic, Ecstatically and Ecstasy.

Ecstatic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ecstatic (adjective) means delighted or overjoyed.

The word refers to extreme rapture, thrill or exhilaration over something exciting.

Ecstatic is also used to describe an experience related to religion, mysticism or trance. It conveys the same meaning as the idioms on cloud nine, in seventh heaven or over the moon.

Make a sentence with the word ecstatic to suggest delirious happiness or euphoria. Associate it with the emotion of being supremely happy, totally enchanted or tremendously elated. Use it to describe the kind of delight that can make a person go bonkers.

Ecstatic: Other Grammatical Forms

Ecstatically (adverb)

Ecstasy (noun)

Ecstatic in a Sentence Examples

1) She was ecstatic when she got to know that she had been selected on the panel of the prestigious international film festival.

2) Ecstatic screams filled the air as the rockstar entered the stage and strummed his first note on the guitar.

3) The foreign congregation was welcomed with ecstatic clapping and cheering from the crowd.

4) She was ecstatic even though she won just ten dollars in the lottery. It was more about the sheer joy of winning the lottery for the first time.

5) Her ecstatic reaction was expected because she had been praying for my success from a really long time.

6) Her father’s ecstatic rage scared all of us and we decided never to mess with him again.

7) The student’s ecstatic smile revealed how happy he was to receive the prize for being proclaimed the student of the year in front of everyone.

8) He claims to have seen an ecstatic vision of God but no one knows whether to believe him or not.

9) The crowd went into an ecstatic frenzy every time a goal was scored. The match was heating up to its climax.

10) The students were ecstatic about the fact that a holiday had been declared without any rhyme or reason.

Ecstatically in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke ecstatically on the stage because it was a big moment for her to talk to an audience that idolized her.

2) He reacted ecstatically when he came to know that his daughter had won the tennis tournament and made her country proud.

3) My parents were ecstatically happy and proud of me for receiving a full scholarship to med school at Harvard.

4) My dad came back home, burst through the main door and ecstatically announced that he got an undue promotion.

5) When I announced to my kids that their favorite actress was staying in the same hotel as us, they started screaming ecstatically.

6) The celebrations continued ecstatically even after the club was shut down. Everyone decided to come over to my place.

7) All the kids jumped around ecstatically when the hosts of the party announced that ice cream was going to be served in the next five minutes.

8) They were ecstatically excited about attending the premiere of the movie because this would mean meeting lots of cool stars.

9) The fans rejoiced ecstatically as the winning home run was hit and the team celebrated their third consecutive victory in their hometown.

10) The president welcomed home the winning team ecstatically and clicked many photographs with them for the media.

Ecstasy in a Sentence Examples

1) Sipping a beautiful cocktail, lying on a sun chair, staring at the tranquil sunset – pure ecstasy.

2) Their ecstasy was palpable. They were so happy to see become the first set of great-grandparents in town.

3) What feeling did you experience when you met your favorite actor in person and shook hands with him? Pure ecstasy.

4) The chef’s face was dipped in ecstasy as he took a mouthful of the banana bread with a bite of the crispy tuile.

5) I floated in ecstasy as the melodies of my favorite symphony streamed in the room.

6) The poem beautifully described the ecstasy of love and the unconditional affection of the star-crossed lovers.

7) If the theme of your musical composition is the ecstasy of lovers, you should use piano and saxophone to accentuate the romantic mood.

8) They experienced the highest form of ecstasy when they say the saw their disabled child going head-to-head with other kids for the science competition.

9) Some say that experiencing ecstasy is possible through meditation and other techniques of gaining focus.

10) The photographs successfully captured the jubilance and ecstasy that the audience experienced in the underground music festival.

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